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Down to Earth is "the brothers' " Heaven Can Wait if you will. Sure the story's one of those big old heaping helpings of been- done- till- it's- charcoal- black- suet- roasting in the designer Hollywood rehash oven. But they were clever.
They used the riotous Chris Rock as he's best. Standup comedy. They intertwined the stale script with a few professionally delivered comedy routines of one of America's greatest comics.

Down to Earth's story goes... Lance (Chris Rock) is a wanna be comic. His dream is simple, not getting booed off at the legendary Apollo stage. However he delivers pure stock comedy and inevitably is swept off in a hostile sea of vicious heckling.

Then he goes and gets killed. Problem is heaven's made an error. Seems Lance wasn't due for another 40 plus years. Oops-a-lilie! The grim reaper, named Keys ( Eugene-nice suit dude-Levy), is in hot water up there! See he's the idiot who "took" Lance before his time. No prob his superior one Mr. King (Chazz "just getting cuter with age, baby" Pimentotini) is gonna do a little fixin', make like nuthin' happened, see. So he takes Lance shopping for a new carcass. Hmm.

They decide upon a rotund older chap of the Caucasian persuasion (James "boom-boom" Gandolfini). Well, Lance decides on the body, as this fine young thang Suntee (a pretty Regina King) is involved with the aged evil business man in a battle over a Brooklyn hospitalhis company is privatizing. Lance figures at least he can be near her...

In an unbelievable turn of events Suntee and the aging white guy (we see Rock 95% of the time and the white guy when we need to be reminded of the miss-match ethnic differences for the punch-lines) start on a love affair...sure!

Well, Mr. King shows up with Keys and explains it is now time for "Lance" to head into a new younger body. One he will live out his days in. A more comfortable color coordinated body with similar interests and beliefs etc. A black guy okay. But Lance has just asked Suntee to wed. NO he cant go now...


Will Suntee and the new Lance ever get together? What do you think?

It was nice to see Chazz Palminte
ri ( a pet steak, er, actor here at Blunt Review) He's all mafia-ed up as a nice good fella runnin' the big easy in the sky

Rock's at home in front of an audience.And he gets into it in this flick-a-roo. A funny, funny guy. The best premise of whole movie was Rock's character inhabiting his host body; an extremely
stereo-typed- caricatured- white-53 year old- paunchy- country club-Harvardesque-silverspoon mouthed- guy's body on loan from heaven, and letting "him" do Rock's black based comedy for an audience of mostly black folks! Leave it to Rock to touch upon the irony of the humor. I cringe when I hear the "N" word in songs by various rap stars. If I were to "sing along" in my car with the windows down I'd probably be shot— ya know what I'm sayin'? Well, Chris address' the double standard of humor in this - subtle- but honest point of view and in a couple of hysterical politically incorrect scenes.

If your a fellow Chris Rock fan see this remake of a remake of a remake just for him. Don't expect an Oscar winning screenplay or anything remotely fresh and unique...Just enjoy Rock's presence.

Snack Recommendation: Seedy hot dogs flown in from NYC with that chili stuff poured atop.

Starring: Chris Rock , Regina King , Chazz Palminteri , Eugene Levy, Frankie Faison ,Greg Germann (same character-again). Jennifer Coolidge, and Mark Addy

Directed by: Chris and Paul Weitz



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