Okay, I know what you’re thinking – Edtv is a blatant rip off of last year's Truman Show and we're not gonna take it (insert the Who's, Tommy tune here if you 'd like mental sound effects). Okay-not the best movie. Somewhere in the land of Hollywood an executive really thinks this idea of 24 hour voyeurism is a keeper! Why? Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Peeping-Tom, fetish motivated studio executives! That’s who!
I was really thinking about escaping into the warm dark theater next door playing Marky Marks new flick, but for you all I endured Actually, EDtv got better – about 15 minutes before it was about to end,the end being the best part if the truth be told

Ed Pekurny (Matthew "nice smile" McConaughey) is an uneducated, semi-redneck, beer guzzlin’, video clerk with an odd family who decides to accept an offer (for money of course) to be aired live, 16 hours a day (not 24 hours, the boy's got to sleep). Obviously this man's life is just not that exciting, hence the telegraphed screenplay. Act one: introduction to cast and establish likeable people and unlikable people, act two: the longest part; we are given the reason this movie was made, a.k.a., plot development. (This act always (99%) ends in dilemma -- of course, bingo! EDtv followed the "rule".) Act three: neaten up the plot, or also known as the "everyone wins" section because we have to make money at the box office. Then fade to black, credits roll; the audience is happy; please deposit trash in proper place and drive safely. (By trash, you mean the film?)
There was a good part of EDtv; Ed's love interest Shari (Jenna "pixie chick" Elfman). Elfman was great as his publicly humiliated girlfriend. See a poll of the American public thought loserboy could do better, and every where she went people boo-ed her. As IF! It was nice to see a young chick-babe with talent. Most of the TV girls (she's Darhma of Dharma and Greg) are chosen for mass appeal and maybe not so much...well...their acting abilities as much as how they look in the sponsor’s fashions, or lack thereof. Jenna does both well. Her clothes are too cool, and her delivery is right on and as if that aint enough she even looked good a UPS guy, too. 
Meanwhile back at screenwriting 101, character, Cynthia Topping (Ellen Degeneres), the 'mastermind' behind EDtv, has a change of heart about the whole EDtv scheme. She feels sorry for what she is doing to Ed. Hello, Western Union...absolutely telegraphed! When will they give the audience some room to think? Ellen allowed the script to get a few laughs at her expense, the whole lesbian thing again -- the subtle jokes were very well placed, not like on her ex-show.
Ray Perkurny (Woody "nice body but still puke-o-rama" Harrelson), is Ed's ultra creepy brother. Ray had some very funny scenes- you actually looked forward to his showing up. Al (Martin "Bela" Landau), Ed's stepdad, had steel b*lls to wear that toupee (like some poor animal was taxidermied on his head). I love him.
Ed's mom (Sally Kirkland) is a scene stealer! Sure she sleeps around, and lies and forgets to dye her hair, but isn't that everyone's mummy?
Oh, I can not forget that wonderful semi-cameo by Dennis Hopper, Ed's real dad. Some people just shouldn't breed. Dennis never fails to give sleaze a fresh face.
In a film canister: EDtv is a movie about the sick American obsession with fabricated fame and contrived celebrity; a subject Emily Blunt is very familiar with. Rent this when it gets to the Blockbuster "favorites" section or see it at the dollar movie.

Snack recommendation: Cheap beer and generic potato chips.

Directed by: Ron Howard

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Jenna Elfman, Woody Harrelson, Martin Landau, Sally Kirkland