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End of the Affair

This is a girl movie. Boys please excuse yourselves.

Girls, I've got four words for you... Ralph Fiennes naked bum! Okay, breath. That man is a stud muffin freshly baked in the lust oven of my heart to be sure. Yes, he's a bit of a stern, serious boy. What with all that Shakespeare spewing and brow frowning-but look at the man-he is forgiven a personality flaw or two. From any angle he's a Rodin sculpture. Pure 100% man meat and there ain't no vegetarians here. The sexual draw of a frequently naked and fornicating Fiennes aside, this is a fabulous film. I mean film-aren't most of Fiennes' works?

EOTA is a deeply touching, loving look at an affair between three friends in the early forties with WW2 (literally and metaphorically) all around them. Hmm, thinking another pouting Fiennes character like in the English Patient (actually WW1)? Well, yes, Ralphie is again cast as a brooding self centered man/God, but, other than a basic and I mean basic similarity, this is not an English Patient ripoff at all. Give the boy a little credit. I know many of you are still smarting from The Avengers Faux Pas. Forgive.

Ralph consumes the being of one Maurice Bendrix, writer, lover, stalker. One rainy evening he meets the beautiful and very married, Sarah, at her social function of the month. So begins the affair...

Juliane Moore (just radiant) plays Sarah, the sultry sharp dressed adulteress. Please don't be quick to judge Sarah. She's married to a little chap named Henry (Stephen Rae) who's a tad dull. Crashingly, 'jump to your death' if he breaths again dull, actually. Although, in all fairness, look at Mr. Bendrix (Ralph 'Humma-humma' Fiennes) dear Henry hasn't a chance.

Fear not dear reader's the plot is far thicker than a who's sleeping in who's bed, it's a real psychological threesome. Not that any gals will care-I did mention Ralph's bum right?

Director Neil Jordan, (who is probably known to you for that whacko flick The Crying Game) blends his characters, screenplay and richly authentic sets with an almost other worldly voyeuristic sense.

Now, about Stephen Rea .I love this actor/chameleon. He looks kind of ferret like in this-pointy and sharp. Usually he's more lickable. Doesn't really matter, because his Henry has pity and an aura of a lost puppy acted to perfection. If he wasn't so pitiful however, would we believe Sarah would stay with him for a nanosecond? Rent anything that this man stars in, if you enjoy real cinema.


Snack Recommendation: Why, tea and crumpets of course.

Starring: Juliane Moore, Ralph Fiennes, and Stephen Rae

Directed By: Neil Jordan

Ralph Is A Mangod!

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