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The first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is you bring your MPB (Movie Puke Bag) for the Ed Norton, Meat Loaf dance scene. Ed Norton nestles in the enhanced breasts of testicular cancer victim Robert Paulsen's (Loaf's) rather large chestal port. I blew cookies man.

The Fight Club is an awesome man flick. Sorry, girlies. Hey, we've had a summer of studs being doable if not actual datable hunks. This flick was made for the boyz. That's not to say you can't get a hefty dose of eye candy, as Brad Pitt is so buff in this, he looks more like a da Vinci study than a millenium movie star.I didn't know you could get muscles that bulbous on the back of your neck. Ed Norton however great an actor is still looking, physically, like my 10-year-old nephew when he (Ed, frequently) takes his shirt off.

Which reminds me of another Eddie 'must see' flick American History X. In AHX, Edward looks like a stud bagel, that's been toasted in the oven till edible, then gently smeared all over with lowfat Nova cream cheese for your dining pleasure.

Hmmm. Another versatile actor--yippee! Is he still with Courtney Love? Geeze, I hope she doesn't beat me up for that.

Jack (Ed 'Yaleman' Norton) is basically a boring insomniac that lives vicariously through his catalog purchases till on a routine business trip he meets Tyler Durden (Brad 'humma- humma' Pitt). Tyler is the complete yang of Jack's ying. Through a mishap in which Jack's yuppified condo is blown to bits the two become roommates.

They meet for a few brewskis at the local dive and decide to beat each other up after. Ya, I know we all do that after a couple of bevies. Go with it. The creepy barflies catch on and Fight Club is born.

There is a lot of fighting and mayhem. Tyler spews some clever Guru quotes in his own twisted philosophy of life, and whamo they have themselves a good o' cult of fisty-cuffs. This 'army' Ty and Jack mass starts to take down the corporate society in town via many acts of violence and vandalism. Aha, bingo, = guy movie.

Meanwhile in a little sub-plot, Jack has met a skanky chick named Marla at one of his ten thousand 'support groups' he frequents to help relax in an attempt to squash his chronic insomnia. As fast as fat multiplies on Rosie O'Donnell's huge quivering thighs, Marla (Helena Bonham Carter) finds herself in bed with the more aggressive Tyler. Thank God. 'Cause the down-to-the-beginning-of-the- pee-pee naked scenes of Pitt were oh, sooo lovely. What do they call that part of the body? I digress.

Jack starts to rethink his involvement with Fight Club after a tragic turn of events. However, the club cronies can't, wont, let him go. Tyler has become a demi-God with these mentally pubescent men and they don't want to stop. Jack confronts Tyler in what has to be one of the cleverest scenes scripted since we learned who Keyser Soze was back in '95.

I can not say enough about Ed Norton. He has been a force for a few years now. But, he doesn't seem to be in 'overkill' mode. This makes him all the more refreshing. Hey, maybe he actually chooses to do good movies as opposed to Hollywood punch-outs? Bravo! Ed makes you happy your young. I mean, so many of the 'greats' were in the past. This guy is one of our generation's 'greats' and we are young enough to drink him in.Sip slowly till he's squeaky dry...whaohaoho! (<- evil laugh)

Pitt is always a great treat. Sure everyone looks at him as the crème filled Bundt cake that he is, but I got news for you...he's an acomplished actor! I wonder if he were not as disgustingly beautiful if he would actually be noticed by the Academy? He's kind of like a young Redford. Talented with a flaw of manly (in some eyes-my eyes find Ed hotter-sick I know) perfection, thusly hard to see the talent shining, glistening through. Well, he's a great American matinee idol with; here's a twist----talent!

I managed to get all the way through without alluding to Ed Norton of the Honeymooners. You didn't think I could do it, did ya?

Snack Recommendation: Single serving mint packets.
Starring: Ed Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bomnham Carter and Meat Loaf.
Directed By: David Fincher



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