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Girl Interrupted

I have to admit two of my least favorite actresses starred in this and I still loved it. Their performances were actually better than good, they were precise and award worthy. Hmm, have they blossomed. Looks it!

After that puke-o-rama crap bag performance Jolie gave last summer in Bone Collector where she looked like a Calvin Klein model strutting around grizzly murder scenes all pouty lipped and monotoned, I was not looking forward to this at all. Though I am not ready to dine on crow just yet, the ensemble of talent did a great job in this entertaining look at the clinically insane.

We as a society have come to admit when a parent thinks buying beer for a twelve year old or supports junior's moving out at ten-maybe the family is a wee bit dysfunctional. This was not the case back in the 1960's. Then when a pubescent young lass or laddie began to question adult authority by testing the waters of their own individuality via; sex, drugs, and an attempted suicide or two, the post Gidget minded parents looked for quick readjustments. Their rabid kids were shipped off to high end rehabs, swanky 'mental health' facilities or 'Freedom Bound' boot camps.

Girl Interrupted is one girl's story of this oh-too-common parental denial game, Ms. Susanna Kaysen(Winona 'pixie chick' Ryder). Susanna's parents like having foo-foo-cocktail mingles-Susanna doesn't. She's rather die then attend another.When Susanna tries to exit stage left out of life, they're not too understanding. It's not prudent. Susanna is not consoled or cuddled, but shipped alone-by cab-to ‘get better’ at Claymore, one of the fore mentioned upscale psychiatric dwellings during these tumultuous 1960's faster then you can mutter 'groovy ma...'

She's sad and blue, feels unloved and too different. Humm, must be the feared and dreaded ‘personality disorder.’ Quick put this crazy person away before she, Susanna was a bit off but commitable?

After being dumped by her parents,literally and emotionally, Susanna adapts to her new life and friends while slowly losing touch with the world outside. A month's initial stay bleeds into a year. In other words, she’s starting to go nuts if she wasn’t when she first got there. Meanwhile, between sampling the lithium mixture de Jour, she meets and befriends head inmate Lisa.

Lisa (Angelina ‘look into my eyes, look’ Jolie), is a Keith Moon-bred-with-Patti Smith-chick that enjoys doing, well, crazy things-if you’ll excuse the pun. Lisa needs to be here. Yeah, in a big way. Jolie played her with a wit and allure that made me wonder if it was the same actress. Angie was fabulous. She also happens to be a sexy babe. I am no clam digger, but if I was to switch teams...This chick's hotter than steaming Thai dumplings drizzled with sesame oil! I would kill to look that good in hair that bad.

I loved this. I may have to rethink my distaste for the two leads. Ryder produced this, which shows the girl's got brain matter behind those 1920's eyes. Winnie made this movie happen, literally. Performance wise she actually shined. No mediocrity to be found. Jolie found, perhaps, her role of a lifetime. Or maybe, hopefully, this will give both a chance to be choosey. You gotta eat, but there's no excuse for being in something like, say, a The Bachelor piece of celluloid kucka! Yep, I predict these two are going to start a trend leaving behind Hollywood cut out boy-meets-girl-girls-cute-quarky-persona-wins boy-formula. Oh, and PS they must be be anorexically thin AKA the 'Friends' syndrome to be cast in the first place. God, how I hate that!

The rest of the girls in the mental clink are all played to perfection as well. Polly AKA 'Torch'(Elisabeth Moss), Georgina (Clea Duvall) the Oz fanatic with a passion for lying, Daisy (Brittany Murphy) the daughter and play toy to her father each one in fabulous career making performances. Simply a great movie.

Snack Recommendation: Prozac with a Scotch chaser.

Starring: Winona Ryder,Angelina Jolie,Elisabeth Moss, Clea Duvall,Brittany Murphy, Jared Leto, Vanessa Redgrave and Whoopi Goldberg

Directed By: James Mangold


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