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What ? A Steven King adaptation that doesn't suck? Yep, it's true with exponents. The Green Mile was a book 'series' from the wicked web master King. It was good, but like all King stuff included eight page descriptions of things like an evil dishtowel hell bent on world domination. Yawn-o-rama! Okay, I admit I am not his biggest fan. This 'adaptation' was a a masterpiece. Like his Shining days. Frank Darabont-the Screenwriter (and director) worked magic.

Anywaydalum, The Green Mile is just about one of the finest films I have seen since Life is Beautiful. I just about believe that very thing.

The entire cast is simply riveting. Down to a Mr. Jenkles an, um, the circus mouse—literally.

The Green Mile is what they call death row at this particular prison. Due to the painted floor that leads the 'doomed' to Mr. Sparky (universal prison jargon for the electric chair) being green. We are so used to prison guards beating and torturing inmates as sport, so it was tough not to sink into that frame of mind here. In fact aside from the icky poo poo filthy sheets and a weasel/guard with an uncanny resemblance to a cast member from Reefer Madness named Percy, prison is a slow easy paced place for bad bad boys.

Well, till John Coffey shows up and starts shaking up things 'round the joint. John's a big huge lug with the intelligence of a gnat. He seems incapable of a cruel word let alone double rape and murder. Could they have the wrong man? Guard Paul Edgecomb ( Tom 'Nice Guy' Hanks) is starting to get an uneasy feeling that just may be da facts. Coffey has a way about him...Could a real miracle producing man be amongst the mist of these God fearin' folks?

How does Tommy pick these gems over and over? Did he sell his soul or something? He just keeps getting better and better each and every time he strolls across a screen. By now you all know I'm smitten with Spacey, a contender for 'best actor' next spring till now. Tah. Forget it. The Academy Awards' Ivy League letterboy is getting his triplet for sure. At least he deserves it more...Hanks has had a gloriously successful ...Excuse me I have to sneeze...Joe and The Volcano...aah...ah choo Bosom Buddies, career. Ah, I'm just kidding. Tom's our boy. Our Jimmy Stewart or Henry Fonda. You know what I mean? Mr. Squeaky Clean. This man actually loves his wife and kids. Gosh, I admire that.

Michael Clarke Duncan plays John Coffey. Tears welled in my eyes about twenty friggin times. Duncan's got these deep eyes that pull you in and keep you there the whole time he's on screen. Mesmerizing. Of course gotta mention he's gigantic in a scary Sinbad villain way, but, as Coffey he was like a Rottweiler puppy. Sweet and gentle, if big and clumsy. Bring hankies! —-no pun was intended.

Bonnie Hunt, aka, Ms. Multi Talent plays Jan Edgecomb Hanks' screen wife. Hunt was in a favorite sitcom of mine called Davis Rules. Immediately canceled. Natch. Picture Bonnie Hunt, Randy Quaid and Johnathon Winters in one show! Eh, don't worry this chick Bonnie is like Teflon, it slides right off her and she fries up some more lightly breaded cutlets of comical genius. Jumanji etc...

Then there's David Morse. A morsel of lean man meat who plays Brutus 'Brutal' Howell, another guard on the mile. Morse has been around for like eva. Dave's a very talented guy-keep your eye out for his name. Hopefully you'll be seeing him a lot more. He does his character Brutal with extreme soul and depth. You may recognize him from Negotiator and this past summer in Crazy In Alabama..

Harry Dean Stanton, a fab Jazz musician, as well as actor, is a neat whack job in Green Mile. Harry's got like 50-60 movies to his credit. Looks like uncle Jim. Everybody's' uncle Jim. LOVE that guy!

The whole cast and script is perfection. I could babble endlessly...and I often do. But as the flick is kind of long...leave now so as to get a good seat.

Snack Recommendation: Corn bread and dry white toast

Starring: Bonnie Hunt , Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan, David Morse, James Cromwell (Babe & LA Confidential) Harry Dean Stanton and tons of other fine actors that you'll be seeing again.

Directed/Written by: Mr Great -Frank Darabont (You Know him from Shaw Shank Redemption-with bitingingly cute Tim Robbins)

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