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A Date with Kasey Chambers
Belinda Coward

Well, dear readers, Ms. Belinda has discovered yet another new talent for you! That is new to these shores. And, to think I found her right here in Hollywood-USA!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a "private" concert by Kasey Chambers at the Roxy Theatre on world famous Sunset Strip. I admit it; I went for the free beer and nuts-wouldn't you? Why else would I drag myself out in the middle of the week?

I considered myself extremely fortunate to have snagged a seat strategically located so I could easily slip out after using up my drink tickets. I notice several of my colleagues trying to position themselves in similar spots. We all had that, been there, done that look plastered on our faces as we awaited our Corona's. Then, something out of the ordinary occurred.

Kasey and her band took the stage and began to sing. TALENT?! An artist being backed by a major label with real talent! Well readers, I not only used up all the drinkski tickets and stayed, I ended up holding my water until Ms. Chambers was finished serenading the stunned crowd with some of the most impressive songs written and sung. All this in a voice that would make even Emmylou Harris jealous.

This young lady, all the way from Australia, is a godsend to not just country music lovers, but music lovers in general.

Her writing is so soulful and her voice just a joy to listen to. Her stage presence is relaxed and playful. She is accompanied by dear old papa, Bill Chambers, not a bad looking Aussie I might add! Actually, not a bad looking Aussie in sight that night. This 24-year-old sensation had the jaded L.A. music crowd on its feet not once, but twice. This is so rare of an occurrence; I thought we might be breaking a city ordinance by giving Kasey a standing ovation.

If you enjoy Lucinda Williams, then you will just love Kasey Chambers. Not that they're the same- I mean in authentic talent, soul and charisma.

Her CD, THE CAPTAIN, has gone platinum down under (Australia-the invasion continues) and she has been nominated for two ARIA Awards, Best Female Vocalist and Best Country Album. For those of you wondering, the ARIA's are the Australian version of our Grammy's. The ARIA's will be handed out in mid-October.

THE CAPTAIN is released in the U.S. on September 19. Dear readers don't wait, pre-order! I swear, there really is something in the water in the land of wonder. The men and women are not only nice to look at, but talented up the you know what! Would someone please send me up a year supply of that water. Maybe I had just better give in and move to New South Wales (always liked the sound of that). In the meantime, I suggest you go to her website and check out her sound bites until the CD is available in a few weeks. You can visit her at Keep an eye out for her as well as she is returning to the states in support of the release of THE CAPTAIN!

This is your talent sleuth, Belinda, signing off and dreaming of another life where I look and sound like Kasey Chambers!
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Kasey and Belinda rockin' at the Roxy

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