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What Lies Beneath

What lies beneath? A heart of pure gold and a body like Charlene Turlington thanks for asking. Oh, the movie. What Lies Beneath is a suspenseful two plus hours, I'll give it that. A little editing may have tightened it, but WLB is still a pleasurable chill.

Story goes... Perfect, happily married Norman ( Harrison-quintessential Mr. Straight American role- Harrison) and Claire (Michelle "Twinkle" Pfeiffer) Spencer have just dropped their daughter off to college. Claire is a mess. She's beginning to come apart, slowly. First Claire has a tryst with the sexually volumized creep-a-zoid neighbors - ALA Hitchcock's brilliant Rear Window. Then her torture comes from doors that open inexplicably mixed with things that go bump and smash around her Martha Stewart home by the lake. Finally, fears climax when Claire comes face to face with a cadaverous young female ghost staring back at her from a freshly drawn bath.- that Claire didn't draw! The suspense will have you by the throat.

Is it empty-nest syndrome, or is she really just nuts. Claire does repetitively seek help from her very busy and unavailable husband. Hmm. Not so perfect, eh?

Norman, a self-centered genius-scientifically at least- sort, thinks pitiful Claire is trying to grab for his attentions. Men. Hence there's nada from his sympathy department. However, after a rough encounter of the third kind a top his desk with his possessed wife ripping his clothes off and biting his lip-nearly off- he starts to think something may be amiss. That and the small fact his wife's face morphs into another's whilst he's being violently seduced. A strong clue in Claire's defense wouldn't you say?

The mystery starts to unravel. A young local girl's disappearance a year before, a swanky awards dinner where Claire had evidently made an ass of herself in front of hoity toity society folks keeps coming up, and an antique-like key that fits...where? The whole time we the audience are left tingling with hints of where the story is headed.

The performances where excellent. Michelle " I'm so skinny I had to wear buttock implants on the Batman movie" Pfieffegnugen has mesmerizing features. She is a beautiful talented chickbabe to the tenth power. Harrison Ford , is quite a manly-man. He's not aging as well, but he's still looking good in jeans. Harry's like Clint Eastwood old, but still manages to raise one's eyebrow, if you get my- jump on him avoiding breaking his brittle hip- drift. Ford is NOT your best friend's dad type -no siree Bob. Still a man flavored lollipop worth licking slowly till you find the tootsie roll center!

WLB is long, but still suspenseful and quite enjoyable. It's decidedly a throw back to old Hollywood. The old school "just a few dramatic peeks at the ghost" suspense style so misplaced today.

If you have a night to kill and a nice long soak in the movies is what the day ordered, go ahead and slip into a warm What Lies Beneath...

Snack recommendation: Merlot and crackers with cheese.

Starring: Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer and Diana Scarwid

Directed by: Robert Zemeckis

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