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The Mexican

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I know I'm not going to be popular with the oh-we-love-to-trash-everyone/thing movie critics out there, so shoot me with a century old silver handcrafted artisian pistol....but I loved this.

Sure, if it wasn't these two particular mega-watted stars beaming off the screen with cosmic scintillating glare straight into my yielding retina, rounded off nicely by shooting talent James Gandolfini, it wouldn't have been as...simply entertaining. But it was. Enjoyable and fun. They all have nice chemistry.

A fan of both Roberts and Pitt—especially doué beau jeune homme Pitt—I was very happy indeed.

This new Curt Cobain - Seattlesque - retro - grunge clothing choice with Pitt is so attractive—truly. Few men could dress that "down" and still be quite that do-able.(I think he just kept the caravan-carny guy's wardrobe from Snatch. The pants, definately.)

Alas, he did keep the Salvation wear on through the whole bare tenderloin of manbeef ala Fight Club tonight gals.

The Mexican's story goes... Mr. Mob Boss Margolis (Gene "uber talent" Hackman) is making his not so happy lackey, Jerry ( Brad " near male perfection" Pitt) head down to Mexico to retreive a pistol of great myth and worth. Aptly called "The Mexican," this pistol comes steeped in... handed down malarkey, er, lore. He gets the pistol for the Big Calamari or gets cannoli'ed

So waggish Jerry breaks the news to his volatile gal pal Samantha, affectionately nicknamed Samsonite© (clever product plug by the producers or ad-lib, you be the judge folks). She freaks a gasket.

They were suppose to be heading to Vegas. Starting a fresh life...Blah- blah, bitch- bitch. He pleads, he ponders...he goes. You would too if the Big Salami gave you a choice of getting the Mexican derringer or death.

Oh-oh. The coveted pistol is found but promptly stolen. Or did they just want Jerry's sexy rental car...his El Camino —aka babe-mega-magnet— no?

Which ever the case, the Big Kahuna thinks Jerry bamboozled the pistol and is looking to cash in. Jer's in deep... refried beans. Poor likeable loser's been robbed, stranded all alone in mean old mexico without Javier Rodriguez Rodriquez in site and no one believes him...

Enter the pistol negotiators. Well, hitmen. One ices the other and snags the chick. Jerry's chick Sam (Julia "pearly whites" Roberts).

The triumphant hitman, Leroy (Gandolfinmartini), figures- get the girlfriend Jerry left behind, find Jerry, get pistol, whack 'em and call it a day.

The frolicking begins. The scenes are well choreographed. Lots of subtle jokes are there if your paying attention.

The audience was divided in thirds; A third there for Roberts, a third for Pitt. Their camps gave in and giggled and guffawed through each scene. The last third looked like a teamsters meeting in west Jersey. Tough guys. They sat smooshed into the chairs, chatting loudly, hands folded watching their man. Obviously fans of The Sopranos (which I have never seen mind you- no HBO). They started to get a tad, eh, nervous when James Gandolfini's character
" Leroy" expunged a secret and then acted upon it...They may cancel their HBO after this one!

Roberts, who's up for the Oscar for Erin Brokocabbage, radiates per usual. She's just likable. Jules went over the edge a couple of times but she's too charming to really moan about it. She's a fellow chickbabe squared if you ask me.

This James fellow is what James Belushi coulda been huh? He's sexy in that common guy- with heaps of personality-remembers flowers-heart o' gold-but makes 250.00 a week take home- way. He's got those actor eyes. That whole Stanislavski soul within a soul stuffamagawl. He inhabits — if you get my drift. Me want more.

Snack recommendation: Sandwiches with yellow soda of any kind or Cactus Pear margaritas and Sabana.

Starring: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, James Gandolfini, David Krumholtz and Gene Hackman.

Directed by: Gore Verbinski

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