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Big Momma's House

Damn, y'all this is one funny movie! I spewed soda on the preteens in front of me- really. Escaping with only my popcorn in the end. I report- we have a bonafide gooney comedy on our hands.

The story goes... Malcom (Martin "Boom-boom" Lawrence) is an FBI agent. He is particularly good at slipping under some plastic prosthesis and goopily goop stuff thusly transforming into another person skin. So when an ultra-evil-bad-boy bank robber type breaks out of jail and the only way to catch him is to pretend to be a gargantuan heffer grandma, he's up to the job.

See, Sherry (Nia "A big old case of pretty" Long), a fore mentioned convict boy's main squeeze, has to flee quickly before El Mal Ladrón Del Hombre makes like Sigfried and Roy and appears.Where is a girl on the run to go? She's exit stage left with her little son Trent, to Big Mama's house.

When she gets there Big Momma is really undercover agent Malcom. Okay, yes, anybody would notice the difference between Big Momma "The legit" and Big Momma "The Fraud"'s a movie folks. Leave that pesky logical part of the brain at home and laugh a little. Hey, Nutty Professor was a hootenanny wasn't it? Remember how our beloved professor a two ton titan became svelte smart Eddie Murphy? A "mysterious magical formula." Yeah, as if areeny. At least here you are shown the scientific process of the metamorphous from fit and trim FBI dude to 400 pound granny with a passion for all that can be basted in pork fat.

Naturally Big Momma/Malcom falls for Sherry you've gotta have a love interest. But it's certainly a whole lotta frolicking mindless merriment on the way to the plot.

Martin Lawrence is a talented comedic actor. I love watching his reruns of Martin...while sometimes moronically written you can see he's got it. Of course he also seems a tad tightly bound. Simply milliseconds away from a complete loss of constraint and one senses he could be found screaming...oh wait. Well, for comedy's sake his, shall we say, his unbridled energy is just peachy raspberry tart fine.

Add to this one of our finest "quiet" yet quite prolific, actors Paul Giamatti (Super-duper in Iceman Cometh last year), who to me is extremely sexy- I am seeking help as we speak. Then finish with a pinch of female perfection in the form of one Nia Long and bingo Bob Barker you've got yourself a wining trifecta of comedy.

Snack Recommendation: Pork Chops seared gently in Crisco™.

Starring: Martin Lawrence, Nia Long and Paul Giamatti

Directed by: Raja Gosnell

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