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Moulin Rouge

Nicole Kidman is cruising to super stardom herself with this masterpiece! Okay, I couldn't resist. Considering I can think of 2301 Cruise cliché's I'll leave it be...Take the high road. Cruise on by the obvious...Sorry. What a beautiful woman too. Not since Practical Magic has she looked this effervescent. I'm no clam digger, but this chick is a hot potato boys.

The movie itself is a remarkable sexy artsy and happily flamboyant movie. It was like sneaking into a naughty version of The Looking Glass. A Willy Wonka-like festival of delight for adults. Busby Berkley would be proud of the grandiose choreography. Which is near brilliance. The soundtrack ingenious. Like director, Baz Luhrmann's 1996 Romeo+Juliet, we are transported to a world familiar but dreamily askewed. And, also as with Romeo+Juliet, Bazzie uses words we all recognize as his dialog. In R+J it was Shakespeare's famous play- verbatim- here it is one hit song after another. Again, a brilliant concept that actually worked!

Story goes...The Moulin Rouge is a tawdry place. Scandalous and raunchy. Moulin has its star, as all places of this style do. Here it is sultry song mistress Satine (Nicole -gorgeous- Kidman). But, Saltine, er, Satine, wants to can the can-can and be a serious actress. A true thespian. Her boss, Zigler (Jim Broadbent), has arranged it. She shall meet with, and sleep with, a wealthy duke who will finance a show called Spectacular, Spectacular. In a divine intervention she instead mistakes a poor lowly writer and poet Christian (Ewan "oio, give us a pint mate" McGregor) for the duke... As fast as Tom Greene's career is careening to the abyss the two fall madly in love.

They dance around the duke who is being bamboozled by Satine and her troupes. They rehearse their play. But ultimately they will have to face some sad truths.

The greatest thing, one can ever to love and be loved in return...

What's this Ewan McGregor all about then? Why isn't he in more? Yum-o-rama. He's chock full of manly man bits. Hmm. I noticed he has the same exact mole as Russell Crowe...Okay, either it's just a weird coincidence OR these two are from the planet Manular and they've come to infiltrate our mediocre man supply. Their planet designed the perfect mate. It's the only way to fool women— the true leaders of the planet after all. They probably figure stun us with blinding manly beauty so we'll never see the invation en route...or we wont care! And, Crowe and Ewan both sport those funny accents too! So obvious.

John Leguizamo is great as a gnome-like Toulouse Lautrec.
Nicole is awe-inspiring. Jim Broadbent is completely mesmerizing as Moulin Rouge MC and owner Zigler. Ewan a romantic, humble lead who will your heart along with Satine.

This is one hell of an original film folks. A classic has been made. It is a musical. Let me tell you, warn you, this right up front. I bet you didn't know Ewan and Ms. Kidman could sing? Me neither. But they belt out tunes better than some known musical folks out there.

Get out and see this as soon as you can. It is breath taking. Truly original. The whole cast, and set, has an eerie other worldly feel and the soundtrack is so great it's already in the cd player!

And Nicole, who needs that short creepy no-talent guy anyway? Girl you got it going on! Find a nice religiously balanced fellow next time huh?

Snack recommendation: Strawberries and green fairy gin.

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, John Leguizamo, Jim Broadbent, Richard Roxburgh

Directed by:
Baz Luhrmann

Writing credits :
Baz Luhrmann & Craig Pearce

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