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Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore is an American treasure. Her perky smile and extroverted personality should be an inspiration to young girls everywhere (minus the occasional partaking of narcotics of course). Ms. Barrymore (Dr. Gillespie's great grand daughter--my soulmate) Has produced her first film. The kid did all right!

The cast of nice looking men (that's a Hollywood switch--obviously a woman's eye was involved in casting) and believable women, mixed together for a couple of fun hours. It seems to be a trend this Spring- to go back to high school (Shakespeare was mentioned in here, but wasn’t part of the plot for once).
Josie Geller (Drew "Cupie doll with brains" Barrymore) has a dream to be more then a nerdy copy editor for the Chicago Sun Times. She wants to get out and be a reporter. She lands an assignment (‘cause she's the youngest looking candidate) to spy on highschoolers and find a scoop. Josie, known in her own highschool days as "Josie-Grossie" heads back to school, and right back to her old role as Queen of the socially defunct. If you've ever been to your high school reunion, you know that's right! You end up right back to where you were your senior year; nerds with nerds, popular with popular and sluts in the parking lot with the jocks.

Enter "Mr. 1-800-Collect", Rob Geller (David "lose cannon" Arquette). Josie's older studly, "popular" dead-end-jobbed brother. Rob figures he'll enroll too. Not for journalism, but for a second chance at a baseball career. Sound plausabile? Go with it ok? Even though Arquette is about 30. Brother Rob spreads rumors around about Josie that make her "cool". All ya need is the right person to be your friend and the other's will be too afraid to not like you. How true! How do you think people get elected president?

Josie becomes (what else?) the tres chic chick -babe of the school, and bell of the prom. A first for this ultra-unchic nerdette.

Being the most popular kid in school myself, I had a hard time relating to Josie's traumas . But, I can see how her pain stayed with her, and she to this day, finds herself eating obsessively at the slightest little bump on the road of life, driving 95 mph toward a brick wall, stopping only when you are reminded of the doggies at

Molly Shannon (Saturday Night LIve's Mary Katherine Gallagher, the armpit smelling girl) plays best friend to the adult Josie. This woman is in everthing you see! But that's a good thing. Molly is a true talent...maybe Hollywood is wisening up? Nahhhhhh.

Go see this. Expect to be reminded of the good and bad of your high school days. The story is sweet and entertaining; well played out and generally a good time.

Snack recommendation: Brownies

Starring: Drew Barrymore, David Arquette, and Molly Shannon

Directed by: Raja Gosnell

Snack recommendation: Artificially flavored anything.

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Drew is Fab!

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