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The Pledge


Is Jack Nicolson your favorite actor? Well to withstand this, he better be. Because in The Pledge you spend a couple of hours basically watching him eat, fish and sell gas. Stop the excitement! My heart just can't take it. I like him but not that much. I fear I am not exaggerating here folks. Boy was this dull. Sean Penn must be a huge fan of Nicholson's and wanted to have home movies for his kids...

The Pledge's story goes...A little girl is found brutally murdered. Retiring cop, Jerry Black (Jack Nicholson) makes a promise (not a pledge —but I guess they thought the name was catchier) to the girl's parents he will find the killer. He promises only after the distraught mother insists and instills the fear of God leaving his soul to rot in hell if he doesn't. That would do it.

So, Jer decides to forego retirement and find the killer...About two years ( set in real time on film I believe) later he meets a young lady (A brilliant-per usual- Robin Wright Penn) and her daughter. A friendship develops-then more. Hollywood can not help themselves.

Still Jerry looks for the killer, fishes, daydreams...Till one day...(like another year later) the mysterious man appears to have targeted his new found family. Um, sure. Go with it. Will he get the killer in time...You wont see because you'll be sound asleep long before the conclusion!

Jack. Jack. Jack. I missed this guy. I just wish it had have been a good -no, worthy-story. A bit more substance for the guy. Gawd knows he can handle it. This was a walk down the quickly mart for a can of hash. Too easy, even he looked bored at times.

Robin Wright Penn. was awesome. All young actresses should wanna grow up to be like her. She worked with her director and husband Sean before in Hurly Burly. She stole the scenes then too. And to do that from Penn is quite an accomplishment.

I tried very hard to find the positive here...

Oh, yeah that manly-man, talented version of Helen Hunt (Ms. In Every Movie), shows up— Benicio Del Toro.( I think I should just rename the site "The Movies of Del Toro" and get it over with) Of course the difference between Helen and Benicio is that you never really get tired of seeing him. Perhaps because it's never the same him you see! Ben's the new "Man of a Thousand Faces."— He even kind of looks like a Chaney. Del T's got yet another look, and another voice. LOVE this guy.

But the actors cant make this uberdull impotent movie come to life. Skip this puppy. It's a big waste of mega talent. Sure there are incredible cameos by the likes of Vanesa Redgrave, Mickey Rourke...They tease like a shimmering light of hope in an endless abyss that makes you think "now -yes-yes-the movie will pick up"...only to go right back to...Jack fishing. Argh.

Snack recommendation: NoDoz

Starring: Jack Nicholson, Robin Wright penn, Aaron Eckhart, and who else Benicio Del Toro

Directed by: Sean Penn



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