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Saving Silverman

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'Nuff said? NO!

Let me vent a moment.

What are these people thinking? Argh. SS is filled with asinine humor and stale punch lines surpassed only by its phenomenally atrocious continual dialog.

My first instincts were-this is going to blow big monkey chunks- then I saw a pretty funny preview. Um, first instinct was right on! This is truly the worst movies I have suffered through in months.

The "story" goes...Darren Silverman (Jason -what is this boy's appeal?-Biggs) has found his dream girl. Snouty Judith-not Judy (Amanda "Kiss of Box Office Death" Peet)! He becomes the quintessential do- boy who drops his juvenile friends and tries to be everything the uber bitch wants.

Dream witch Judith is a completely un-likable- un-redeemable- hoity toity- stuck up-bad dressing- snob to the tenth power. Written by women haters no doubt. Silverman's idiotic buddies she's so hell bent on excluding, J.D ( Jack "I usually don't suck this bad- honest Black) and Wayne (Steve " don't hold this against me" Zahn) try to like her- but simply insult her and shock her. They upset her to the point were she gives her pet, er, beau Silverman an ultimatum - no sex-(with himself, as she doesn't even do him ) if he ever sees these friends again.

Okay. The friends are superduperpooper moronic and quite frankly losable- but making someone give up their friends is hint numero uno you may need to exit stage left from this relationship. That and her no sex policy...What exactly is this boy getting from her? He's a non practicing pussy-whipped geek.

The borderline "special" friends decide to kidnap the bitch, lock her in their suburban garage (ungagged) , and pretend she's driven off a cliff---that's hysterical no?'s just too pathetic to even go on.

But, just when you thought it certainly couldn't possibly be more odious—like a bad infomercial, there's MORE. The three boys are crazy for Neil Diamond. They stalk him, idolize him, and (gasp) have a band Diamonds in the Rough that do covers of all Neil's hits for penny's in the guitar case. Joke over kill sets in fast—thusly ruining any redeeming factor this shtick would/could have had.

Amanda Peet has been in nothing but sucky movies. What's with this girl? Is she the Alec Baldwin of our generation? Hmm.

The cast bit the ecoli-ridden - NYC vendor - hot dog, the premise stunk like month old Kao Poa Chicken forgotten in the vegetable tray and the dialog was simply barfed up onto the screen before us. AVOID THIS. The movie's poster is some sort of inside studio joke for sure—a warning if you will. Because the thumbs down image really says it all...Though it should actually be a huge warty hairy thumbs down image.

Snack Recommendation: Double Cheeseburger and fries— you deserve a high fat treat if you decide to forego my advice and treat yourself to a wee bit of masochistic cinema! YECH!

Starring: Jason Biggs, Jack Black, Steve Zahn and Always Awful Amanda Peet

Directed by: Dennis Dugan





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