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This was an absolute delight and surprise. I had planned on seeing Fight Club when the cinema's projection machine broke. LUCKY me.

I was to discover this young colt, a stallion to be if you will, Adrian Grenie. Cant wait till he gets facial hair. In a nice independent film, Adventures of Sebastian Cole.

ASC is what Outside Providence wished it could be. A clever realistic rite-of-passage film that finally, after a summer of trite movie-machine-punch-outs, manages to show real life. Subtle and fun this flick is a great escape to the movies.

Sebastian (Grenier) is a happy young man. Not too much 'going on' inside that handsome hirsute head, but that'll change. He decides to be a writer.

But he feels he is too young to have had interesting, Hemingwayish life experiences. But, Sebbie's trying to change all that.

Sebastian has a very normal family. Well, normal in the divorced-remarried-yet-happy style. Something is about to change all that.

See, Sebastian's step dad, Hank (Clark 'iron jaw' Gregg) has decided he's a real breast man. Er, wait that he wants breasts- really. He's decided to become a woman. Yep, he's cuttin off the peepee, and pumping in the boobies. It's always the manliest of men that try to squeeze into a Donna Karan wrap, no?

Needless to convey, the family freaks out at Hank's will be new manner of speaking/living/dressing/looking and falls begins to deconstruct.

Sebastian tries to adapt. He lives with his mom for a brief time then decides life with a muscular transsexual named Henrietta (Gregg with a perm and lip gloss) is better than London with a mentally deteriorating mom any day. Agreed.

So he comes back to his small hometown and just begins to live. Sounds boring huh? Here is where the art of filmmaking comes in. Each member of his circle, close and the acquaintances are portrayed strongly, believably and honestly. The very souls of someone you may very well know. The acting is superb, the script fresh and different.

Oh, sure I would have been having a better time, sexually speaking, gawking at Eddie Norton and Brad Pitt beating each other up over in the Fight Club. But fate brought me to this wonderful quirky place. I was introduced to two very fine actors, Gregg and this little guy, Grenier.

Adrian Grenier is a hot potato with loaded sour cream and real bacon bits! The younger crowd can basically tear down their Leo DiCaprio posters 'cause this guys where it's at. His sexy eyes and powerful presence made me think about lying about my age. Not that I am old or anything, I just don't even know if dipping into the Grenier field is legal. He's like what sixteen? Seventeen tops. Not at all boyish. Okay, maybe a little. Hey, I am not gonna act on it. Keep your eyeballs on this young guy, he's out of the gate and headed towards the finish line. He is a champion, for sure.

This may be harder to find in your town. Check the 'art cinemas'. Yes, you'll have to sit next to people who smell not unlike vitamin B, and low end Patcholi but it's worth it.

STARRING: Adrin Grenier, Clark Gregg, and Aleska Palladino
DIRECTED BY:Todd Williams

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