The Republican Flu...


The beginning of the Oscar Holiday was my usual musically filled eves...Who knew what was lurking in the shadows...


I found myself, again, at the Roxy Theater on a musical date with Kasey Chambers.
Yes, the Aussie songbird was back on our shores. Thank God! Kasey has since won the ARIA Award for female singer of the year in Australia and was listed in Rolling Stones top 50 pick for the year 2000.

Of course, yours truly beat them all to Kasey's door. I take a deep bow. Ms Chambers, backed once again by her dad Bill Chambers, enraptured her audience with her talent, wit and body piercing. And yes, dear Worm, her road manager extraordinaire was once
again at the controls. By the way, does ANYONE know why this guy is called Worm?

We were even treated to a sighting of Nash Chambers himself (big brother and producer and not a bad looking one at that!) Must find a way to
get adopted into this family.

Well, I was still floating on the notes from Kasey's throat when Emily Blunt's plane touched down in dear old LA LA land. Yes, Belinda and Emily
were let loose on poor old Beverly Hills together. It started with the traditional traffic jamb on the 405 freeway. For God's sake people, where
were you all going? I was trying to reach LAX and collect Ms Blunt! I was getting afraid I would never see Emily and her luggage. At the crawl pace I
was going I was afraid I would miss the Oscar's all together, and they were three days away.

Well, despite the best efforts of L.A. traffic, I made it to the airport, got Emily and baggage and got her delivered to her hotel, The Beverly Hills
, celebrity central.

Friday morning found us in a cluster of celebs. At first it appeared they had all converged on the lobby of the Hilton to welcome us, but it was the
annual PR luncheon (of course I swear I saw Michael Douglas break into an uncontrollable grin at the sight of us).

By the way, Catherine Zeta Jones
has got to be one of the most beautiful females ever, I swear she is channeling Ava Gardner.

After we untangled ourselves from this web of celebs
we headed to Oscar central to collect the "credentials".

The coveted Pass to the Red Carpet! This proved a bit confusing, going from room to room at the Ramada Downtown. After a few false starts we had our passes and were ready to SLEEP.

You see, we had stayed out way too late the night before at the Formosa Cafe. Hell, somebody had to keep Micky Rourke's bar stool warm (remember Barfly).

We power slept, then out we went again! We hit Malibu, not too hard though. No celebs that night, I
believe they were all locked behind mansion walls communing with the spirits of past winners trying to get some good karma for the night looming ahead.

You can almost feel the fear factor in the air, careers were about to be made or destroyed with the opening of an envelope. You could cut it with a
knife, or was that the smog?

Well, anyway, we stayed out once again too late, and I awoke the next day, pre-Oscar day, with the FLU! Arrgghh.

Yes, Mr. Influenza struck! He must be a Republican! Well, I missed pre-Oscar Saturday all together. Spent it in bed with the cat and running a fever.

Did have some pretty cool hallucinations. Swore I saw Betty Davis in my kitchen brewing me some tea, but I refused to take it, I Saw What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, no effing way was I, no wait, Betty's dead, that was a fever dream. Oops.

Well, Oscar morning arrived and I reached down into my reserves and pulled out every ounce of strength I had, not to mention the fact the Emily
threatened me!

Off we went in the bluntmobile to the Shrine Auditorium. The mayhem was about to begin.

Emily worked the crowd to a fever pitch, had them
on the feat screaming for more, or maybe it was the free T-shirts she was handing out!

Met some pretty cool and dedicated fans of film and some not too bad looking foreign press correspondents (hey Aussie Hunk, hint hint).

Emily got interviewed and did some interviewing and then the clock struck and all passes turned into pumpkins! The place was cleared for the celebs arrival...

Not to worry, we dragged ourselves
out of there to go watch the actual awards. Emily went on to some pretty cool parties but alas, yours truly had to go back to bed and fight it out
with Mr. Influenza!

I am glad to report I have since made a full recovery
but wondering why Betty Davis is still in my kitchen?

Belinda signing off and heading out into LA LA Land in search of more adventures!— Belinda!

Photo "art" by Erika Bolin Buy/sell books, music, movies, games

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