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Bigger, Longer and Uncut

BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Well done Trey and Matt! This movie did an ass-kicking, bang-up job of dissing and destroying everything that is good and sacred in the cow-towing, ass-kissing, politically correct arena called Hollywood, USA. This movie is a Laugh Fest Extravaganza, readers! Something for everyone! There's racism, bathroom humor, lots of swear words, sodomy, blasphemy, flatulence, homosexuality, violence, blood, gore, dismemberment and even a guest appearance by Bill Gates--to a helluva lot of MGM style music!

South Park had me blowing flames of laughter out my buttocks from the time I sat down! The movie has a lot in common with the nearsighted chick, a deep hate for the Baldwins, in what I expected to be a Baldwin-less flick; Cartman (who is,admittedly, the spitting image of my stud-like brother); I actually own an un-pirated version of  Orgazmo and as if all this were not odd enough-have every Isaac Hayes album known to man kind! Don't you think it's Kismet? Although, they did get some writing assistance from a chickbabe on this one-- a Mary Kay Bergman (not the Mary Kay that drives a pink Cadillac and sells eye shadow, ya know).I can't make up my mind.One of these SP writers Trey '"Schnookie Boo" Parker or Matt "Incredibly Hot Ass" Stone may just be the man I chose to breed with-of course that may not be legal-I have been warned by the Federal Government not to. They, seem to have simular papers in a black filing cabinet...

Anyway, South Park Rules! From its beginning to its end, the subtle attacks at the MPAA (Motion Picture Asses of America) are well made.With their, "Well kids, it's O.K. to cut, maim, rip and tear human flesh in any multitude of fashions but dear me, don't say F%$CK, or you'll be slapped with a costly production delay, you naughty boys!" motto. The writers also have a tons of other messages weaved within all the humor-but you'll have to see the flick to hear about 'em-I ain't writing a novelette here.

That aside, the plot is actually better than Austin Powers and is an academy award winner compared to that yawn-o-rama Star Wars Episode Prequel thingy. In a shot glass...Kyle's mom Mrs. Brovlofski, is hell bent on stopping the moral corruption of young American minds by those filthy-mouthed Canadians, Terrence and Phillip. How does she do it? How else? A full scale bloody war with the Cannucks of course--that's logical. The battle scenes are gonna make you pee, so pack some Depends™. Actually, since the I live in Florida, we know Canadians sure can be ugly--ever see a French Canadian in a bathing suit? Shudder! Does no one in that country own a full-length mirror? But evil? Even if they were evil, it'll only be .80 on the dollar, evil. Evil lite, as it were.

Kenny leaves us shortly into the film. But he emerges as an intricate connection between Satan, Saddam Hussein, a little French resistance dude named, 'The Mole" and world peace--an everyday plot really. Oh, as if all that isn't enough, you get to SEE   Kenny! Yippee. He's the cutest, dreamiest South Parker of all (<- heavy sigh. Trey Parker as a cartoon? Hmmm.)

One particularly good subplot (and there were a few) was the relationship between Saddam Hussein and Satan. No holes barred (so to speak) with a non-stop barrage of homosexual scenarios that would rival a Saturday night at the Ramrod.

Matt and Trey are the B-52 fighter pilots of comedy. Truly brilliant minds, that uphold the first and cardinal rule of comedy: WHAT'S FUNNY IS FUNNY. No matter whose expense it comes at. Welcome to theU.S. of freakin A.! Freedom of speech, bay-bee.

If you're not familiar with South Park (new to Earth?) this will be a nice introduction to these sweet young boys and girls and their swell hometownsian folk. If you are familiar with these little spuds- run, trample and kick-fight your way to the theater right now and see this movie! Don't even finish the review!

Snack recommendation: Cheesy Poofs and Jewish chocolate(what else?)
Starring: Kenny, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Chef and the rest of the South Park gang.
Written by: Trey Parker, Matt Stone and a Mary Kay Bergman.
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