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Finally the sequel to one of my all time favorites! Austin Powers. I truly believe Mike Myers is a treasure! I always thought Mike was underrated. Now, he's where he should be--at the top of his form. CONSHAGULATIONS MIKE!

While Myers is one of the sweetest, most deserving comics of our generation, this script was a letdown. This is a kid's movie. That is not to say I didn't lose my facilities several times--on cue. There's plenty of fart jokes and sexual in-your-end-o's to keep ye a hooting, but, I kept expecting a little more.

But not SO MUCH more like that new villain lard ass, Fat Bastard (Myers). Omigawd, the festering sores and quadruple chins looked too realistic. (Accolades to the makeup people!) Could this hairy, Scottish boil butted swine be grosser? That's a big FAT nosiree Bob! I actually had to utilize my limited edition Blunt Movie Puke Bag (BMPB) I keep in my movies-that-have-fat-sweating-people-completely-naked-sex-scenes kit, usually reserved for Rosie O'Donnell flicks and any LaBute sex scene. Fake or not, I can't stand seeing fat guys/gals drool and gyrate especially in the nude!

AP2/TSWSM's story goes...We catch up with Austin shagging with his new bride Vanessa (Elizabeth Hurley, she's so pretty and classy, what the hell was wrong with that idiot boyfriend of hers?) only to discover that arch enemy with a quick wit, Dr. Evil (Myers as well) has actually planted his beloved Vanessa to annihilate Powers; she is merely one of Evils' Fembots. Austin gets rid of her and gets back into the swing of being swingle bay-bee!.

Dixie cup version of the plot: Dr Evil has stolen something from Austin (something BIG bay-bee!) and escaped back to 1969. Austin is hot on his trail with a new sexy chick-babe and a swinging 60's set. Elvis Costello, makes an appearance-as himself (????) why? It's 1969! He should have been holding a rattle. And our journey begins.

All the old Dr. Evil gang is here. Mustafa (the brilliant Will Farrel-seen wayyyy too shortly; disturbingly reminiscent of the great Samuel L. Jackson in that Star Wars thing last month). Number 2 (Rob "where have I been?" Lowe-1969, Rob "Hart to Hart" Wagner, 1998) Scott Evil (Seth Green) and the hysterical Frau FFFFFreskensticken something. I liked her; thought she had a likeable personality.

They do have a particulaly memorable new character, "Mini-Me. " Mini-Me is a 32-inch tall version (played by six foot three character actor Verne Troyer) of Dr. Evil. Funny? Well Dr. Loveless from Wild Wild West was cuter, Funny? Hmmm. Once. The intro. He got tiresome and quite frankly a little (no pun intended) creepy. I am are highly uncomfortable with anything crotch level that bites.

Austin's new sex-kitten, Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham) was very fun--nice to see a talented chick-babe with a body only equal to my own--hey can I help it if I'm are blessed with a shape that just wont quit? NO. She is great as his tough chickbabe LaRue side kick. Check out her earlier stuff- pretty good, baby!

Austin 2 floats through with all the charm you'd expect from Myers' ultra hip, sexy- clad, super- spy with the groovy accent and ever-changing teeth. Hey kiddies, lay back, groove and enjoy a few good ha-ha's. OK, coulda been better. Don't dwell on plot and enjoy baby. Enjoy.

Starring: Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Robert Wagner, Rob Lowe, Mindy Sterling

Snack recommendation: Same as original Austin movie Crest and dental floss.





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