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Sugar and Spice

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Tee hee. A clever movie with tons of juvenile laughs! Some of the punchlines are extremely subtle others are like a cheerleader making an illegal triple-decented full-back tudor dismount and whacking you smack in the head!

The cast has a few of Hollywood's momentarily it gals. They're cute, sexy and talented all rolled up into each of their mini-waisted-size 1 hipped-perfectly tweezed eye browed-four foot eleven package. But, don't misunderstand me. Though they are most definitely the "type" Hollywood yearns to cast -over and over- these gals, Marley Shelton ,Mena Suvari , Marla Sokoloff, Alexandra Holden , Rachel Blanchard, Sara Marsh and Melissa George shine and perform like the old pros they shall become.

Sugar and Spice's story goes...Diane West (Marley "Cutie Pie" Shelton)is an innocent little cheerleader (an oxymoron-I know). She's fallen heels over head -literally- for the captain and all-American boy next door, Jack Bartlett (James "I shave...I do...shut up!" Marsden). Ah, young love. Long kisses goodnight, snuggling in the back seat of your junk-pod hotrod, and stolen prophylactics ...

What's this? Diane has become a statistic? Their lust has taken root? Now she's just another Back Street Boyz-bubble gum chewing-DKNY wearing pregnant teen? Oops.

Not to worry the beautiful princess and her loving, if incredibly stupid, mate will make do, on well, next to nothing.

Ah, like, no way Ray. Poverty doesn't become the soiled debutante. There has to be a way to fix it so Diane and Jack's baby has all the brand name goods in life. Simple. Rob a bank.

What a hootenanny! Diane gets her squad involved and the girls go into training. They train for the upcoming heist as if heading to the cheerleader state finals.

Ultimately, they use their cheer routine smarts and all-'round savvy to engineer and pull of the area's biggest bank heist—dressed as prego-Betty faced dolls. How clever is that?

Will they get away with it?

This is one funny movie folks. Nothing too cerebral so it's great to just sit back and join in the silliness. S&S is well written (Mandy Nelson), well acted, and genuinely tickles the funny bone more than a few times. Enjoy!

Snack Recommendation: Snickers© and Haagen Dazs©

Starring: Marley Shelton, JamesMarsden ,Mena Suvari, Marla Sokoloff, Alexandra Holden ,Rachel Blanchard,Sara Marsh, Melissa George, Nate Maher and Jake Hoffman .

Directed by Francine McDougall




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