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Sweet November

This is, perhaps, one of the most touching films since Steel Magnolias. It is a bonifide chick-flick just to let you know. The hankies will be a necessity!

In a sentence? Sweet, sexy and slow.

Charlize Theron is magical as Sara Deevers. Char lights up the screen with every word delivered. And she's got those classic looks. Reminds me of an old time movie-star like Ms Carol Lombard — a throwback to yesteryears leading ladies with that now-I'm gorgeous-now-I'm Benny and Joon goony" way about her.

Here's another gal (think Sandra Bullock & Meg Ryan) who can wear polyester floods, men's week-worn sweaters, bright yellow socks with regulation combat boots and still look like a million dollars— I got all brave and tried that ensemble on Sunset and some ass threw a twenty at me...and told me to get a job!

Keanu Reeves actually didn't suck! I mean let's face it he's a standing stock joke about his all emotions=the same emotions acting style. ( I have a buddy who still bursts into laughter when I mention Keanu in Shakespeare's Much to do About Nothing). But the lad did well. Keanu has been doing an admirable job as of late, The Gift and Matrix, but he's still just kind of just there. No aura. He's still a Diamond Head Luau of manly sensations! So he's forgiven much.

Sweet November's story goes...Nelson (Keanu) is a man piggy. He has no interest in the well-being of people around him. He's kinda wealthy, semi-powerful, and well groomed in expensive fabrics. Life's amaretto sweet for Mr. Abbynoxious.

Then whilst spending a day in purgatory, the DMV, he meets Sara (Charlize). She's a little dingy and inebriated on life. Nelson tries desperately to just avoid sudden movements around her—if you get my "she's a psycho" drift.

Then in a wonderful (scripted) twist of fate, he becomes indebted to her. She then advises him she likes to take in strays, in both canine and male-sapien species, surrogate them till they are house trained, then cut the leash unceremoniously. He is offered the role of "her November." He's going to need every nano-second 'cause Nel's a big ol' manbeef stew of pychological challenges.

Eventually he agrees.

Slowly they start to build a relationship— I mean the scenes are sometimes slow, but technically their whizzing on through to the love channel. Remember the deal 'tween them is but thirty days... no more, no less. A tad deranged, no?

Could it be love rounding the corner in the second week?
But alas, love can sometimes lose...Sniff! Snort!

This movie's going to have you heave-crying. Pack the Costco® size supply of Kleenex , trust me. Sweet's a funny, smart, albeit sometimes slow , love story with an intelligent ending that's so rare these days. Enjoy the chemistry between (once again=Devil's Advocate) costars Theron and Reeves.

Snack Recommendation: Vegan Turkey and couscous

Starring: Charlize Theron, Keanu Reeves, Jason Isaacs, and Vince Holland

Directed: Pat O'Connor (I)


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