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What a pleasant surprise. Yep, know what your thinkin'; Another Girl Interrupted...well, yeah, it's in 'rehab' but it really is different.

That having been said, I must say this was surprisingly fun for such a pathetically sad subject.

Being a complete tea sipper myself, Long Island Ice Tea's that heart goes out to people who have a hard time remembering how that human Orangutan with the skin conditioned and one extra limb (not the sexy kind either) pertruding from their side ended up in the bed next to them. Ick to the tenth power ! Not that that has ever happened to me mind you.

Gwenn (Sandra Bullock) has just driven her sister's wedding limo into Ozzy and Harriet's front porch, whilst partaking in one too many Courtney Love Cocktails ( bubbly and pain killers). Whoops-a-daisy. It's 28 days in rehab for her.

When Gwenn arrives she has a smidge of 'tough girl' attitude. So, hence her fellow users kind of dislike her. Her counselor Cornell (Steve "Barracuda Teeth" Buscemi) even suggests she leave and just go to prison. Well, that's enough to scare little "Ms. Life Of The Party." She snaps into the perfect

Her coinhabitors are fun and real "One Flew Over The Cockoos Nest" material. Gerhardt (Alan Tudyk) is tear drivingly funny with his blatant attempts at seduction-of no one in particular. Mike ("Could I be more Irish, I'm Begging ya" O'Malley) is Oliver the 5th avenue coke head with a way with da girls and a quick one liner for any occasion.On the more serious side there is interesting coming-upper actress Azura Skye as the poor little heroin addict Andrea.

Every few scenes this stud with an accent named Jasper (Dominic " Allo Allo" West) shows up. He' s Gwenn's "enabling" boyfriend. Yes, okay he isn't exactly good for her what with his nonstop partying and debauchery.But he sure is cinnamon bun sweet on the eyes. Hmm. Life of drugging and boozing with ole tall dark and British Jasper, or clean and sober with a Spider plant named Paul? What will Gwenn chose?

It's a Sandra Bullock movie...guess. But really, she wasn't as Sandra Bullock-y in this. She did a wonderful broad ranged performance, and only two or three of her signature girly girl giggly scenes I swear.

Check it out it's a well done and acted little film


Snack Recommendation Ginger Snaps and a virgin Daiquiri

Starring Sandra Bullock, Elizabeth Perkins, Dominic West, Azura Skye,Viggo Mortensen and Diane Ladd

Directed by Betty Thomas

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