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What Woman Want

What do women want? Helen Hunts' job! Geeze she gets to make out with some of Hollywood's' hottest man stash. Here is no exception.

Mel Gibson, an established stud de force, joins her in one of the seasons cutest movies. Can I say that without labeling it dull? It's very funny in a" I- could- have- have- told- you- that" way.

WWW story goes...Nick Marshall (Melvin) is a real man pig. He has no respect for women. He has that bloated "I am soooo superior, bow to me lassie" complex so rampant in the male species these days (not that I'm bitter mind you...). And while Nick is especially gorgeous to look at, he has the innards of a retarded (male) sloth. He's in advertising. The sexist kind. You know the standard beers and boobs, booze and bimbos combo. Ah, but the demographics have changed. The playing field is now ours. Women rule the market place and old Nick better change his tune but quick.

Too late.

The boss has brought in an uberchick , Darcy (Helen "golden gal" Hunt) to turn around the company. Get into what women want and start to direct the advertising dollars correctly. Nicky is pissed. Poor schmuck hasn't a clue...

Luckily for him he has a freak accident that leaves him with the ability to read women's minds.(go with it) Actually, hear their thoughts. Nick hears all our mischievous little secrets- the things guys don't give us credit for. Sugar and spice and everything nice? Written by a guy! Girls know we can be worse than men at times with our throw- him- down- in- the- mud- and- ride- him- like- the- wild- banshee- you- are thoughts. WWW just lets the boys in on our little secrets.

A very funny concept and a very funny movie. WWW is a nice frosty Freudian cocktail- shaken not stirred. Mel Gibson is very comfortable as a comic actor, as we've learned before. He really gets into this role. Sure he's five foot nothing but the sexiest five foot nothing this gal's ever seen.

Helen Hunt is in everything these days. Which is okay because she's good. She's pretty much the same in everything though. Ms.Everygal USA. I like to think we are not all that International coffee ad.

This is a wonderful date movie, or night out with the gals. Bravo. Clever and honest, a real hootenanny! Maybe it'll teach guys a thing or two, too. Enjoy.

Snack Recommendation: Toasted Bagel with cream cheese & a Cafe Grande.
Starring: Helen Hunt, Mel Gibson, Marisa Tomie, Alan Alda, and Bette Midler
Directed by: Nancy Meyers


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