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What Planet Are You From?


Doesn't Garry Shandling's face remind you of female genitalia? Gross but true. Remember when Garry was wickedly funny? I do. That's why it's hard for me to admit this kind of bit the big rancid keilbasa that's been in the fridge for week but your so hungry you try...try to spread extra mustard, throw on some onions. Nope, it's rotten you just have to admit it. Let me put it this way WPAYF made my mother roar with laughter. 'Nuff said? It is well known my mom was born devoid of the seventh sense--the sense of humor. Each time-- and it was about a billion times-- they mentioned the buzzing sound coming from Harold (Garry) the alien's groin area, my dear sheltered mother who has had sex maybe four times (there are three in my family) giggled guiltily and covered her smile. Gidet? Sure WPAYF had a few laughs. But, generally this is a older-sheltered- middle- age-ish- group-type movie.

Harold (Garry) the alien has come from a man only planet after intensive training on the female species, to find a woman and mate. Of course he does and it's a boy...which makes no sense what so ever in how exactly that is going to "save" his planet of men. Or help them conquer Earth. Whatever. Fantasize with me for a second? Picture the same story line with Kevin Smith directing with the Dogma cast... Ben Affleck or Matt Damon, some one you wouldn't mind coming to Earth and attempting this take over by multiple fornications. See? Hollywood needs me.

On top of shear grossness of any woman having to breed with Shandling, his alien character, Harold, was more like an obnoxious middleaged sex fiend with the personality of a gnat, no that's cruel TO THE GNAT! Yeah, that's attractive in a man huh?. Excuse me whilst I touch myself with erotic glee.

Greg Kinnear (he'll always be my favorite Talk Soup guy) plays rat man, Perry, who picks up chicks the old fashioned way- at AA meetings. Gregory's a little hotty but wasted in this if you ask me.

WPAYF is great for that Sunday visit with the 'rents. You can suffer through it and they'll be grinning away with all the penis innuendoes and "inside"jokes flying around. Remember they still think you have no idea where babies really come from. You know, bouncing crying humanoid accidents from a sexual adventure.

The nice thing was the casting. Normal woman and men, not a main character super model to be found. I'm gonna think Garry fought for the cast... I have to think something nice, after all he wrote this!

Snack recommendation: You chose because if your seeing this there better be a free dinner from mom or dad in it!

Starring: Garry Shandling , Annette Benning Greg Kinnear, and John Goodman.

Directed by: Mike Nichols


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