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Rush Hour 2



Finally, a summer movie delivers all it promised to be...then some!

Jackie Chan is always just wonderful to watch rip through his kinetic flawlessly executed action packed scenes. They are continually unique in their choreography, and done without the "oh-so-easy-to-make-it-look-cool-over-used-Matrix" computer generated FX effects. It's really Jackie doing all that flying about!

Co-star, Chris Tucker is just a national treasure. Sure, he's tall and midnight snack edible, but it's his comic timing that's truly magical. He's a guy, in the handful of worthies roaming Hollywood, that's actually worth the 20 bazillion they pay him to bring his brand of rabid- man- chatter-box comedy to the screen.

The two bring their chemisty to, dare I say, one of the best sequels since The Godfather spawned all those little Godfathers years ago -- of course with 1/5 the drama...Okay, The Godfather's a bad metaphor --you get my drift! It's the ying and yang of the two that's so enjoyable. The lethargic until provoked Cheif Inspector Lee, played by Chan is again partnered with LAPD Detective Carter, played by the "world's fastest mounth" Tucker. This odd couple of the millenium are mesmerizing to watch. And ad to this mix the fact that Jackie Chan's English is highly reminiscent of Warner Oland's version of the notoriously accented Chinese fellow Charlie Chan and you're going to have to prick your ears up throu-out the whole crazy thing hoping not to miss anything he says.

Folks I am still scheduled for three more "Ice Tub" therapy sessions at the day spa after Tucker's half naked black man at the massage parlor scene! Is that man single? Christopher's been sneaking to Billy Blank's for some gorilla Tai bo-ing or something. Slurp! Jackie's body's a steel man-panal of perfection as well, but Tucker is about two feet taller, and frankly more my type...

Story Goes, Inspector Lee has invited his friend Det. Carter to Hong Kong for some rest, relaxation, hiding the rainbow role, and karaoke...They're already squabbling about the itinerary Lee has planned when the inspector is contacted and requested to investigate a bombing at the American Embassy, where two Americans have been blown into human skin hand rolls over at the American Embassy. Yech.

It appears to be an attack by the notorious Fu Cang Long chapter of the evil Triads (Asian Mafia). Lee bamboozles Carter in to assisting him on the case. They must find Ricky Tan (John Lone).

Tan's the leader, the king fish, the big boat, in this part of the Kowloon. Smooth as Vin Diesel's manly biceps, Tan's a business man simple but hardly pure. Ricky Tan and Inspector Lee have a history together. Their terrible bond is one of the reason's Lee is still alive to pursue criminals while other officers, fighting the Triads, are tossed in the trash with the old green tea water.

Carter does not want to get involved. This is his vacation He switches his "verbal whine button" on high and yells at Lee about being not flying across the world to play cop for a while but then, the cop in him takes over and the Hunan hootenanny begins.

The two learn the Fu Cang Long Triad along with Tan are involved in mass producing a booty so precious the whole world's economy could be effected. WOW! They need to find out how and where they're planning to launch the evil plan, and try not to get killed by the ass-kicking she-devil hench woman Hu Li (Ziyi Zhang). This girl needs some Midol and a bagg-o-Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups to take "edge" off. Meow.

Jackie Chan is a pleasure to watch. Sure, his English is sometimes laughable, but he makes up for it with expert, dynamic martial arts. Your blown away with every choreographed stunt this guy lays out before your shell-shocked eyes. And, he's really quite a good comic; subtle, but powerful with his wit.

Chris Tucker is all about comedy. Sure, he kicks a wee bit-o-butt, but it's the comedy that gives him his mega-watted stardom. He's a sensation. His rapid-fire delivery of non-stop banter is so enjoyable it will almost make you want to stay for the next showing so you can catch what you missed the first time.

The chickbabe ninja babe who played Jen Yu, from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Farting Amphibian, Ms.Ziyi Zhang plays Triad über meany Hu Li and she's ripping the screen up. Ziyi delivers machine gun speed martial arts and a frozen, bubbling sinister ice bitch that will chill you to the bone.

Rosalyn Sanchez, a new Latin beauty, is going to catch attentions as Isabella Molina. She's perfectly cast as Chan's quazi-love interest-with the "is-she-or-isn't-she a-bad-gal" tag. Rosalyn looks like a cross between Cher and Catherine Zeta-- minus the pseudo-stick on her ass or reconstructive surgery... Hopefully she'll start to snag some of the Penelop Cruz's roles...Who's not tired of her already? Cruz not Sanchez.

Don Cheadle has a small, powerful bit. When will they give him more? When?

Rush Hour 2 is riveting! It's also well written; they have an interesting crime, a semi-love story, heaps of action and Tucker's always hysterical non-stop arguing with Chan. This is one helluva a sequel.

Snack Recommendation: Rainbow Rolls and Chinese Soul Food

Interview with the beautiful chickbabe Rosalyn Sanchez ( Isabella Molina)

Starring: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Ziyi Zhang, Rosalyn Sanchez, John Lone, Don Cheadle and Alan King

Directed by: Bret Ratner

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