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Road Trip
(Though young males 12-40 will give it four)

Starring: Breckin Meyer, Amy Smart, Tom Green , Paulo Constanzo, Sean Willam Scott, DJ Qualls and Andy Dick.

Directed by: Todd Phillips (Cameo as toe fetish man)

Road Trip is your basic all out low brow, low intelligence required summer movie.

Each year a movie about college boys tries to dethrone Animal House, which is still maniacally funny decades later. Others compare all these Hollywood "Wasn't college swell-in more ways than one" movies aimed directly at the male genitalia area-with the overtly juvenile American Pie.

This summer's offering? Road Trip. The latest in penis humor-boobie shot-four guys in a car-sex-sex-sex and beer movies has some funny naughty bits strown about, but over all, it's the same old same old with a few small manly boys to keep a girl's attention. And visa versa.

The stories fun. A Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes/Dr. Hyde Sexualneeds AKA one Josh has given in to all the sexual frenzy that goes along with college. Though he's still in love with his long distance gal. It's not entirely his fault. See, a babe-asnarous-Rex Beth (Amy Smart) is very into him. After he wins her at a collegiate hottie auction they decide hiding the taco in the burrito bin's a good idea. Beth, being some what of a home video buff ( This movie has many visions of what can only be male fantasies before your eyes), tapes the flesh fiesta.

Well, that video gets sent on -accidentally - to Josh's real gal pal in a far away dorm-Austin Texas. There's nothing to do but intercede the video before the gal get's an eyeful of cheating bastard pie. Road Trip. Oh funny dayz.

Tom Green plays whacky do anything-obliviously-dim-35 year old Freshman and token comic relief of the film-character Barry Manilow. Green has become somewhat of an icon with the post-high school pre- college grad population. He's got the ultra trendy goatee, the rubber body with the put together/ casual look, and that shameless ability to break into a contorsional facial fart in a nanosecond- what's not to love. Well, Road Trip for starts...They're cashing in on his fifteen minutes for sure- the audience didn't seem to mind.

Speaking of the audience. They were, surprise, surprise, 12-40 year old males who got all the inside man jokes and simply roared with each penile hardy har har up for grabs. So, the target audience got it and loved it...I did not.

If your the "audience" go check it out. If your a Frasier watcher perhaps an avoidance of this all together is advisable.

Snack Recommendation: French Toast gently steamed with human flatulence.



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