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Starring: The Voices of - Robin Williams, Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, Greg Kinnear, Mel Brooks, Paul Giamatti, Jennifer Coolidge and a bazillion other talents lending their voices...
Directed by: Chris Wedge



Bluntly speaking? Robots is brilliant and warm family fun! The animation is eye-poppingly beautiful and the celebrity voices, especially the verbal wielder extra-ordinaire Robin Williams, weld these cartoon characters straight onto your heart.

Story goes…Rodney Copperbottom (Ewan McGregor) is an inventor. He comes from a small town and heads to the big city to find his glory.

Naturally, when he arrives it's not at all "welcome kid" and "how'dya dos." Bam! The ever present reality of the big bad world comes a callin' for the poor little hunk of metals.

When he gets to the factory of dreams - a place he has longed to be a part of since wee-robotdom - he is welcomed with less than open arms by a rude and obnoxious evil doppleganger puppet (Paul Giamatti) from 'Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.' Rodney also finds his hero inventor, the big cheese of mechanical dohinkies, Bigweld (Mel Brooks) is mysteriously missing and a cad sleazstack named, Ratchet (Greg Kinnear) has taken his place.

But that's just the first day mind you. As if his dreams have not been crushed into a fine flour tortilla-like powder enough - Rodney also ends up being practically "mugged" by a fast talking out-of-date parts-a-plenty robot named Fender (Robin Williams). Fender's a city-wise fella (Rated G style folks fear not) that'll ultimately teach the naïve (if brilliant) Rodney the ins and outs of city dwelling - and survival.

Fender decides Rodney's an okay little bolt and brings the wayward bot home to his humble abode he shares with other mechanical misfits and a big-bummed farty home-mother named Aunt Fanny (Jennifer Coolidge).

As Rodney is settling into his new pad, the robots learn this cretin Ratchet has done away with affordable "replacement parts" for all the robots and now only supplies what they call, "upgrades." The upgrades are basically that whole Hummer brand ego-trippin styled new me first (and only) generation attire. Problem is without the replacement parts older robots need, folks start to literally fall apart. Including Rodney's own hardworking schmoo dad back in Rivetville…

Rodney knows what he has to do! He will fix all he can - being an exceptional inventor mindy type - while trying to find Bigweld. They all need this Bigweld to take back the business from the evil Ratchet.

Robin Williams as the kinetic fallin' apart Fender delivers his signature rapid-fire rants that equal the man's genius of his Genie role from a few years back in Aladdin (1992). Williams is a multi-generational treasure… Another voice of notice, behind the ink, is Greg Kinnear as Ratchet. Gregory brings the conniving little character to life. He plays Rach as a slithering scum that's really just a big old momma's boy - deliciously…Speaking of Momma's boy, the mother named apprpropriatley Gasket, and voiced by mega-talent Jim Broadbent, is the most creepy creepazoid since Oogie Boogie manically tortured Santa back in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Wonderfully mean and perfectly putrid hearted, she (he) really gives the kids one to shake a fist at!

It's not the story that'll grab you, that's geared towards kiddie minds. Though it moves fast enough for we Proust dabblers, it's the exquisite animation, enchanting landscapes, and the hilarious dialog that makes this an instant family classic. Robots is riveting good fun! Enjoy.

Snack recommendation: Ice cream and lollipops - let your inner-child rejoice! Share your sugary knowledge with the wee ones & celebrate!

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