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The Rookie

Starring: Rachel Griffiths, Dennis Quaid, Jay Hernandez and Beth Grant
Directed By: John Lee Hancock
Rated: G


The Rookie is a good old-fashioned baseball flick done right! And don't you just love baseball? I remember actually looking forward to last year's filmatic poopfest Summer's Catch…not for the cat of Hollywood hits-de-jour but for the love of the game! Well, it's taken a year but I finally got the film I wished for. The Rookie is just wonderful easy going movie magic that makes you feel good when the lights come up…and we can all use that sometimes!

Jim Morris (Dennis- scrumptious- Quaid) has a few broken dreams thanks to a "broken" shoulder. He could have, and should have gone major league baseball…instead he's had to live with the thoughts of what might have been and settle for being a high school teacher with a coaching job.

His team is not doing very well and he decides to hoodwink them with a deal…he'll try-out for the majors (again, even though he's now in his 40's) if they can make it into the championships.

Guess what happens? Yeah, but now Jim has to face his past, face front, and attempt the impossible. His adoring wife Lori (an excellent Rachel Griffiths) is mixed about the whole thing. If he doesn't make it then what?

That's it. That's the based-on-a-true- story, story. But on the way to the plot, aside from some heavy hokey triumphant speeches, music and a pinch-so-it's-bearable- of cliche driven baseball stuff piled on, you get to enjoy the sport and this talented Quaid fellow, who is seen way to infrequently for my tastes!

And of course Dennis Quaid is as edible as ever. Even in a rated G movie my thoughts drifted into the NC17 arena, if you get my blatant wrap- him -up -in- a- soft -tortilla shell- with salsa- and a -dollop- of -sour- cream- then- slowly- devour- him drift…I admit it, I adore the guy, but he really is a fantastic actor. And this G side of him is still very sexy!

Brian Cox, from that brilliant L.I.E. shows up as Jim's (Quaid's) father...he's just great, as always! Though his L.I.E. role was certainly not a G gig..hahahhaa. He's definitely a versatile actor! He's been in plenty of non-controversial stuff before, like Rob Roy, Affair of the Necklace, but L.I.E. was a role of a lifetime.

Jay Hernandez, from Crazy/Beautiful, plays the high school team captain Joaquin, and is aging nicely! He looks so cute in his uniform.

Rachel Griffiths Lori, Jim's Wife) is slowly getting seen. She's been in some pretty big films (Blow, Muriel's Wedding etc), you just haven't noticed. Hopefully, with the great choices she's made so far, we'll see a whole lot more of her...keep your eye out!

Denny held the film together and made it not just bearable but down right enjoyable.
The Rookie is rated G. Remember those? When they still cast real humans in innocent role, pre-animation explosion?

The film's just great for a sweet day of gathering the kids, family. Even for those strange holiday relatives that attach like human leeches that stay and stay till you wish you owned a tiny dwelling with no spare space to be found - at least they'll be away for a few glorious hours....

Snack Recommendation:
Ball Park Franks and soda, of course
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