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Rosalyn Sanchez Rushes Into Stardom!
An Emily Blunt Interview





With the barrage of commercials surrounding this weekend's opening of Rush Hour 2 , you'd have to be, well, living in China not to know Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Ziyi Zhang and Rosalyn Sanchez are rushin' to screens in this hugely anticipated sequel to mega-hit Rush Hour. It's the sizzlin' summer sequel of sequels...

Hollywood sweetheart-to-be, Rosalyn Sanchez, who stars opposite Tucker and crew, and I had a quick chat about her rise to Rush Hour 2. This film will no doubt catapult her to super stardom- trust me I've seen the movie!

It's not just her Victoria Secret's scene that will have man-boys (and clam diggin' gals) all sweaty and erect in attention...but this skilled dancer, and actor is more than tight brassieres and pouty lips, she can actually act, and kick some ass! Little tiny Asian gal Ziyi Zhang ass (the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Farting Yak, star)!

Still down to Earth, with a sexy female version of Antonio Banderas' Latin accent, Rosalyn was very candid with her beginnings, her costars and her hopes. Enjoy!

EB: Hello Rosalyn! First of all, congratulations! I've seen the movie and you're gonna be a
RS: Oh my God, thank you so much!
EB: It must be so exciting.
RS: Oh...I am so happy. So happy!
EB: You were remarkable, and I just can't wait to see what the reaction of
the public is.
RS: I know. Right. Oh!
EB: You began in Puerto Rico I understand...
RS: Yeah.
EB: And you had quite a career there. Now you risked it all to head to New York. What
drives you? What made you do that?
RS: Um...I don't know. I think my dream was too big. I was doing very well, but I realized I don't want to say I wanted to be a movie star, I just felt like I want to take this very, very, very seriously. And I want to do movies, and unfortunately we don't have a lot of movies in Puerto Rico. We don't produce a lot.
EB: True...
RS: And when we do, I just felt like it could be done better, so I said I have two choices: either stay here and continue doing this, which is great - I had an amazing lifestyle and
I'll be close to my family, or I'm gonna leave and just train hard and take acting seriously
and go to school and then see what happens.
EB: Bravo! Now when you got to New York you starred in a couple of musicals and then you were on "As the World Turns," . Was New York what you expected? Was it what you hoped?
RS: It was. You know, I didn't even know what to expect. It was my first time and I actually went when I was fifteen years old because I went to see "Cats" because I love musicals but I went for about two or three days. My father took me. So as far as the lifestyle in New York, and...and...New York per se I only know there's a lot of Puerto Ricans over there...
EB: Right.
RS: therefore it should be easy for me.
EB: Yeah, it's Little San Juan.
RS: Exactly. You know, there's a lot of Puerto Ricans and they all speak Spanish and I do so well in Puerto Rico that it's gonna take me a month to be a star. You know?
EB: Good point. Yeah.
RS: And I went to New York and it was a little bit overwhelming. Um...I just...I don't know.
The...the weather is very different.
EB: The english word is dissmal...But then you made another move.You actually jumped to LA?
RS: I jumped to LA because the LA thing I think it was gonna happen. It was gonna be
inevitable, but it was sooner than what I thought because I came to LA because of a job.
EB: Ah.
RS: Like I loved, "As the World Turns" because it brought me to do Fame, LA. And I fell in love with LA actually.
EB: Isn't it wonderful? I'm heading out there myself.
RS: Really? I...that is great!
EB: Beautiful.
RS: The weather is just the most beautiful thing.
EB: Now Rush Hour 2 is quite a film for a "newcomer"-- to film anyway-- and I don't mean that insultingly.
RS: No.
EB: How did you feel when you found out that you got the Isabella Molina role?
RS: I cried. Like a baby.
EB: Awww.
RS: I was at my...I will never forget. I was driving. I took my dog for a little hike and then I'm
going back home and I'm driving and my manager"What are you doing?"
and I'm like...I'm...I'm...but I was positive those four days that I was waiting to get the part
I was absolutely positive, but that specific day I got up thinking, Wow! It's taking a little too long.
EB: Right.
RS: And I went...I went for a hike and...and I was driving back and she goes, "Uh, what are
doing?" I said, "Ah, I just went for a little hike with Mota. I'm gonna go back home," and
she says, "Can you come over because I have a script for you?"
EB: Oohhhhh.
RS: And when she said that I felt oh no! If I have another script it means that I didn't get
"Rush Hour." I figured it had to be for something else. And I went in and she's on the phone and she said, "Can you pick up the phone? I have someone that wants to talk to you." And it was my agent at William Morris.
EB: Awww.
RS: He was in a big conference call. And I grabbed the phone and they went, "Okay, so we
have good news for you. You're the new girl from "Rush Hour II", and I just wanted to die. I started crying.
EB: Again, BRAVO!
RS: Yeah it was a thrill to say the least!
EB: And I noticed you have a very calm, deliberate delivery. You mentioned school. Did you
study acting?
RS: I did for a year and a half. Before I even started working in English I had to study English
because it was a grade... And I went to school for a year and a half on Monday through Friday. I really took it very seriously.
EB: Yeah, you have a very understandable accent. [laughter from RS] Now "Rush Hour II" obviously will be a tremendous hit. For those of us who have seen it, have you signed for "Rush Hour III?"
RS: I did!
EB: Yea!!

RS: I don't know if I should count on it though...because it's kind of like you sign and you know how much you're gonna make and you're committed to them, but they're not really committed
to you.
EB: Oh yeah that's, um, er, Hollywood.
RS: Exactly.But I'm hoping.
EB: Right.
RS: But I'm hoping that they'll call me.
EB: After they see your performance you'll have so many scripts you can take what you want and warm your LA Bungalow with the rest! Now there's a lot of sensuous scenes in the film where you show off your chickbabe physique. How did it feel running around in Victoria Secrets in front of the crew?
RS: You know what? I was so normal for me...because every show that I've done, "As the WorldTurns," and the musicals, and ... I always have an underwear scene.
EB: Isn't that funny! [laughter]
RS: [laughter] I don't know what it is! I know. So, hopefully, these will be the last ones.
EB: They have a clause in there: We must see her semi-naked.
RS: [laughter]
EB: Well, 'cause you've got a beautiful body.
RS: Oh thank you!
EB: Now you're fight scenes were unbelievable. Did you do any of it, or was it strictly stunt woman?
RS: Most of it was me.
EB: It looked it.
RS: And even with the pressure and training it was great. I loved working the same day as the rehearsal. It was a little bit overwhelming just because I was with Jackie and the girl from "Crouching Tiger." With those two names was like...
EB: Any idea how to pronounce her name?
RS: Shingki ( I swear that's what she said...)
EB: Oh, okay.
RS: Yeah. [laughter]
EB: Good luck.
RS: And she's great! It was a little intimidating, but then I got into it. And it was like I'm a dancer, so it was like a dance thing.
EB: Yes, you looked very elegant. The two of you looked like synchronized choreography. It was just beautiful.
RS: That's awesome.
EB: Now has anybody ever told you that you could come from the Clan of Cher, minus the
reconstruction, of course? I don't mean that in an insulting way.
RS: You know even because of my hair now is very long and the makeup...actually no. I
just did a music video and I walked in after doing makeup and hair, and the director went, "Oh my God, I feel like I'm looking at Cher when she was young." And I'm like...
EB: But you're prettier. I mean, Cher's a very pretty woman, but've got the shorter
features, so it's just mesmerizing. (sure I sound like a big 'o clam digger- she really is pretty and it's a real woman who can see another's beauty--so skip the email 'k?)
RS: Oh, that's good.
EB: Gotta ask..Is that hunk of smoky mankabob Chris Tucker as wild a man on the set as he is on film?
RS: No...I mean he is wild and he's very, very funny, but he's very professional. So people
think that for whatever reason because he's a comedian he's always on, and he is, but
when working, acting, he's really, really, really taking it seriously.
EB: Yeah, like most of them that I've found. Marlon Wayans is just a complete professional.
RS: Really? Yeah...
EB: Now, do you have Chris' personal cell number so I can parlay a date?
RS: [laughter]
EB: Oh, I'm kidding! How was it working for director, Brett Ratner?
RS: It was great. Brett is like a little kid. He's like 24/7. He has...I have never seen anybody
with more energy than Brett Ratner.
EB: Oh, it shows.
RS: It would be two in the morning and we all are ready to go to bed and he's still up like nothing is going on. And...and you know what? Very, very professional. He's a perfectionist. He will do as many takes as necessary. If he's not happy, we're not moving on.
EB: That's good to hear.
RS: I know. He is...uh...I mean it's over and over until he knows..."okay, this is a money one."
EB: Well, it shows in the film. It really does. And it's funny, 'cause even with the clash of the
accents Jackie Chan's chemistry with you on the screen is engaging. Did you rehearse
the scenes a lot before filming?
RS: We rehearsed it. It was funny tends to be very shy with
EB: Awww.
RS: And...and the first month I kept thinking, oh my God, we're supposed to be like falling in
love with each other...and I felt like he's gonna hate me. You know, I mean [inaudible], but then, you know, we worked for so long and he is just...just a classy, classy act.
EB: And he's reserved, too.
RS: He's reserved. Exactly. And I meet him I'm Latino, and we're very open and very
affectionate and very touchy. You know what I mean?
EB: Oh yes.
RS: I've made him nervous for sure! [laughter]
EB: Latinos... I just remember Del Toro someone I want to very touchy, him!
RS: Literally.[laughter]
EB: Ohhh...handsome man! [evil laughter]
RS: Yeah...[licking of lips sound]
EB: So I understand that you're teaming next with Cuba Gooding, Jr....
RS: Yes.
EB: On "Boat Trip."
RS: Yes.
RS: Have you finished that, or...
RS: It was finished three weeks ago.
EB: And when will that be coming out? When can they expect that?
RS: March...I think March or April for the spring.
EB: Wonderful. Anything else that...that you have coming up that you'd like
to tell people?
RS: And I have, I have the campaign for Mountain Dew. I'm the spokesperson for Mountain
Dew for a year. I'm gonna do all these commercials playing like an action hero, and I'm excited about that.
EB: Oh, you go chickbabe!
RS: I'm excited about that!
EB: Well, much success to you. You're a very talented actor.
RS: Thank you.
EB: well as being attractive, and I thank you for the interview.
RS: Absolutely.
EB: And I just...I hope you're ready for this, because I sat there with an audience of
beguiled press members and they just were eating you and the rest of the guys up.
RS: [laughter]
EB: And with sequels everybody gets that kind of 'ewww, it's a sequel-yechy-poo". They've not only pulled this off, but they've made two more stars in the process!
RS: Wow!
EB: So congratulations, my dear!
RS: Thank you so much.
EB: And enjoy you're short road to fame and success.
RS: Wow! Thank you!
EB: Thank you.
RS: Buh-bye.
EB: Buh-bye

Rosalyn's ready. According to her impressive multi-ability resume, she was already quite the thing in P.R.. This may be a little bigger scale, but after our girl talk, I have confidence in her that Lala Land's wolves won't feed of this chickbabe. I hope she picks carefully from the avalanche of forthcoming scripts (Ro- avoid anything with the name TOM GREEN) and stays clear of Hollywood's troubled, yet oddly magnetic, sexy leading man-boys...

Say! She reacted a little strongly to my personal smit-de-Jour Del Toro's name! Can you say girl fight on the red carpet Oscars 2002? Hmmmmm.....


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