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Scary Movie 3

Starring: Anna Faris, Charlie Sheen, Anthony Anderson, Queen Latifah, Simon Rex and Leslie Nielson
Directed by: David Zucker
Rated: PG 13


Scary Movie 3 starts out so funny you'll be wishing you'd brought a respitory assistance apparatus… but then it continues. It's the age-old story where the trailer holds the films best scenes. It's a surprise really since the same folks that brought us Naked Gun and Airplane! were involved in this meandering crapitini strudel with a glaze of talent dressing up all the poo...

The Story goes... Again dimmly-lit Cindy (Anna Faris) is dragged into a web of one-liners and horror movie spoofs as she tries to figure out why a mysterious vhs tape is causing folks to die - seven days after viewing. Maybe it's deadly infectious dust mites from the antiquated vcr since the world is now dvd?

Meanwhile down on the farm Tom (Charlie Sheen) and George (Simon Rex) are spoofing Signs. They are being invaded by aliens disguised as Michael Jackson. What could they want?

The stories blend together quite well and they did a great job of making everything kind-of match up. The problem then? Over kill - no pun intended. Oh sure we expect the bombardment of jokes but dear god, they beat the jokes so bad your mind starts to ache for a power outage. It's all about the timing in comedy - in film the editing. Knowing when to end a joke is what makes funny funny and stupid simply intolerable.

The cameos are in the multitude; Queen Latifah is hilarious as the tough momma gurl of Morpheous spoofer Eddie Griffin. She aint takin' no sh*t even from a scary-ass dead chick on a haunted tape; Pamela Anderson proves she's got a sense of humor as she sppofs her whole sex tape fiasco; Darrell Hammond makes your skin crawl as a priest babysitter ('nough said?) and Anthony Anderson as a gay rap MC ala 8 Mile is funny - at first - then just grating. Leslie Nielsen shows up with his coveted glazed over delivery as the dimwitted president of the United States. But by then you're so beaten with every blatant obvious joke that the filmmakers can "get-a-load-of-this-one" you with you're already checking for the exit signs and locating the parking ticket silenting chanting a make-it-end mantra.

Bluntly Speaking: This will make a nice family rental when you can fast forward through the truly stoopid parts.

Snack Recommendation: an eight-gallon of Rocky Road ice cream.


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