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Scary Movie 2

Starring: Anna Faris, Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Tori Spelling, Christopher Masterson, Hildagarde Wayans, Kathleen Robertson, Nina Wayans, Regina Hall, B.B. Wayans, James Woods, Andy Richter, Chris Elliott, Tiny Wayans, Tim Curry, David Cross, Orson Wayans, John-John Wayans, Keefer Wayans, Cindy-lou Wayans, Bo-Bo Wayans, Sperm Sample Wayans, Ghost of Christmas Past Wayans and Richard Moll
Directed by: Keenen Ivory Wayans

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Interview with Marlon->

Actually, I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised. I snuck my "under age" nephew in with me- that's what the black sheep aunt is for, no? - And we both hooted and hollered for a while at the silly things before us. I broke into a cold sweat at my own "movie choice folly" as some of the more sex-in-your-face stuff sailed right over his innocent little head-thankfully. Poor kid just looked a bit confused.

Nephew boy is a big Wayans bros. fan. A fan of Shawn and Marlon that is. He never heard of the elder brilliant duo Damon and Keenen. So, I sat him down before the movie started and told him of a time before the generic Saturday Night Live, and before we had that "Must See TV" fiasco... How two brothers, now part of a dynasty of comics, got together and sold a TV station on a hip new risk taking sketch comedy show called In Living Color. As my eyes welled with tears from all the fond memories, the gang members behind us threw soda and popcorn at me...But not before I was able to tell him of his favorite comedians' heritage...

Okay, dramatics aside, Scary Movie 2 was really funny. In a non- cerebral way. Simple drive-in and leave your brain checked at the door humor. Rest assured there are no life lessons here and you aint gonna learnt a nuthin' thing. Marlon (in a personal interview found here->) had promised it would be funnier than the first and I believe it was. Though I kind of hated the first one.

The story is wafer thin as with most horror/comedy flicks. SC2 alludes to a bazillion horror movies and bombards you with every thing from an 11 foot rasta ganga plant, to an evil nightmare inducing clown doll, and a raunchy, verbally abusive stuffed parrot. You have to just see...

The kids from SC1 are back (at least Anna Faris, Regina Hall, And the bros. Wayans; Shawn and Marlon, from SC1 mixed with new castinettes; a very non-stereotypical Tori Spelling, a flamboyant professor played by flamboyant Tim Curry, smutty beauty Kathleen Robertson, a generic Christopher Masterson, uber clever David Cross, Chris -I'd breed with him- Elliot and a quick appearance by James Woods (<-really, that James Woods).

The gang is blackmailed by the promise of an "A" for a paranormal class they are all conveniently taking at the same college conveniently...

All they have to do is collectively spend the weekend in this creepy, yet, gorgeous mansion under siege by various nasty spirits. Of course they are not actually told of the house's ominous history or about the guest-phobic spirits! WHAHWAHWAAA (<- evil laugh). So they oblige, natch.

They arrive and are greeted by Hanson (Chris- way underrated- Elliot) the deranged (and hysterical) riff raffy butler. He has an appendage that is more than just a prosthetic prop; it's an entire gaggle of laughs! And, even though SC2, knowingly, beat the crippled hand shtick to a pulp, every time we all roared like the good little audience we were. Sure, it was stooopid, but it sure was funny.

As the meddling kids are attacked by all sorts of menacing spirits, the Professor (Tim "I don't want to do the godamn Time Warp-piss off and get a life!" Curry) and his associate (David Cross), spy on them and their reactions. Your thinking snore-fest right? Wrong...

It's the wackiness of the whole thing that makes it work. The word war between two "physically challenged" cast members, Cross and Elliot, is worth the fee alone. But you also get a maniacally funny James Woods in a brief, yet after-laugh inducing quickie as a Priest in a spoof of the Exorcist. Which is by far one of the funniest scenes in the movie! Not to mention plenty of juvenile dick jokes and T&A close ups. Dressed T&A but non-the less...the younger lads will be happy.

Let me put it this way, it's tacky in-your-face-you-gonna-laugh-or-I'll-bring-out-da-dick-jokes-humor. The writers throw their bevy of slapstick- mindless-toilettes filled with waste- type humor at you, shamelessly. But you know what? After a hard day's night it's just what the hot summer dayz ordered. Lighten up and go see this for some back-in-high-school-esque humor. If you liked Scary Movie1, can't help you...But, personally I found this version funnier.

Warning: If your an "adult" who hates the sophomoric- borderline- moronic humor-of a Road Trip genre movie and prefer to re-rent the latest Ralph Fiennes mini-epic to unwind on a weekend, skip this.

Shawn and Marlon are certainly sweet on the retina. Scumptious duoble dutch chocolate brother bars. Though, that Damon fella they share the family turkey with is sugar plum sweet as well...Does a lady have to chose?

Snack Recommendation: Wayans' Brain Frittata, Hanson style mash potatoes and a chilled Chianti

Interview with Marlon->

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