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The Score

Starring: Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Marlon Brando and Angela Bassett

Directed By: Frank Oz (still best known for the "other" man behind the muppets!)



A movie with this delicious a blend of visually pleasing and talented actors, only comes along every decade or so. The Score serves up the ever smooth Bob DeNiro, snickering Edward Norton, a welcomed-back-to-the-screen Marlon Brando and hold-her-own-with-da-boyz Angela Bassett. All this oozing talent is directed appropriately by a man use to "puppeteering" Frank Oz. How could it lose?

And it didn't. The Score is a rich combination of talent, intelligent script and great direction.

Here's the score...Nick Wells (Bob " Tribeca Boy" DeNiro) is a master thief. He's also an upstanding citizen type who enjoys subdued lighting and fine brandy. He's smitten with a fine young thang, Diane (dazzling Angela Bassett). All he wants is to spend a little time around the house. Get to enjoy his rewards. So when what he thought was his eternal "last job" loses it's buyer ala a bronze casket six feet below the top soil Nick is lured by a long standing friend and colleague Max (Marlon "Please- No fat jokes, I've heard them all punk" Brando) into the quintessential last "last job." Max wants, needs, Nick to join in with an "inside" guy named Jack and do a team job on a priceless (not to them) artifact.

Natch, this last job is the über heist that will set him and his sweet chocolate love, Diane up for the rest of their lives and their future off springs lives. Still, Nick is apprehensive.

Enter Cracker Jack, wise Cracker, Jack (Ed- call Emily Blunt at 1-800-742-6565-Norton). Jack's a young bright uprising criminal who's has that strong odious belief that his poo, above all others poo, doesn't stink. Nick instantly hates him. Max kind of hates him. But they both need him. So, they all play nice.

The stage is set. The job is a go, and it's a beauty. Physics and facts play a big role in assisting the mix-matched duo in pulling the job off. Nick an expert at safe cracking and Jack an expert at...well, BS and codes. Max? He's the friendly neighborhood "fence" (the guy who sells the goods-the thieves steal). A big time criminal fence burrowed in a large palatial home filled with deep cavernous crevices where one might hide an extra freezer or two to store food in for the winter or for a late night snack (Couldn't resist).

DeNiro is a God. An acting God. He's also one of the sexiest men living. Of course it's a well known fact Mr. D enjoys the darker slices of female meat, and in The Score he's paired perfectly with a sultry Angela Bassett. The two are believable and romantic.

Let's talk big old smitbug bite. Edward Norton. I simply adore this man. Why? Have you seen Fight Club? Or American History X. At first he appears all dorky and innocent till he opens his sexy brilliant mouth. The boy can act with one hand tied behind he handsome back. Wrap him up...I'll take him. The fact that he's apparently, an intelligent man as well, only ads a whipped heavy cream topping to the already devilishly decadant slice of man pie! Maybe we could chat about the downfall of the Turkish Empire pre- Macedonia as I hand feed him Godiva dipped blueberries? Just a thought...

The cast usually tells a story about what you're heading in to see (that stupid faux pas The Pledge aside). The Score telegraphs it. It's going to be dynamic on so many levels! Frank Oz directs his human puppets to perfection, milking spectacularly sublime performances from some of our greatest living talents.

And, frankly, all the fat-guy-puffin-through-the-flick-like-a-black-sheep-Daniel Baldwin-hopped up-on- Twinkies- and- Fritos- brand- corn- chips jokes aside, legendary Brando eases through his role as Max, showing people why he's an actor's favorite actor. His signature voice softly delivering lines that had more then a few of teary eyed as we watched a hero, an icon, back where he belonged and in the company of actors, that could not just hold there own, but that shared the screen comfortably with this colossal (sorry) legend.

Get out and see this. It's an all around pleaser; great looking cast great actors, great script, and great direction. Bravo. And thank you Mr. DeNiro.

Snack Recommendation: Sonny's all you can eat beef and pork parts BBQ, with sun-dried tomatoes.


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