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Not lately, thanks for asking.

Norm MacDonald has been a favorite standup of mine for years.

However, he always seems Seinfeldish on film. You know, ready to giggle at any nervous second-the aware of the camera at all times style of acting. Must drive his costars crazy. That annoying personality trait aside he's a funny guy.

Not in this celluloid piece of crap, but usually.

Here's the Andes' candies thin premise. Miss Crock (Elaine Stritch) has mistreated her lowly chauffeur Willard Fillmore (Norm) for a very long time. He's tired of it. But what's a never do well loser with exponents like he do? Enlist the help of an equally moronic friend (David "It's my agent's fault" Chaparelle) to dog nap the old crow's precious scene-stealing-Stanaslavski-trained-compared to her human costars poochy Muffin. As opposed to say, quitting and getting another JOB!

Needless to say the events that follow include them losing said puppy faster than Kibbles and Bits passes through a high-strung poodle, "bundling" the dognap and through a slap your knee (not) turn of events everyone thinks it's poor Norm, er um Willard (sorry, the two are identical) was kidnapped and not the dog. Let me catch me breath from laughing so hard.<- sarcasm.

You know I always say ' Trust the "Keebler elves that time of the month and Danny Devito to make a good movie." Well that expression is down le toiletten with this pathetic celluloid menagerie of goobly goop.

Screwed is NOT very funny. It should be. Who exactly is this movie targeted for. Rated PG-13 it was too sophomoric for any self-respecting kid to sneak into and plain old dum-o-rama for sophisticated wits such as you and I. Hey, I'm not picky I loved Lost and Found with David Spade. That was a Buster Keaton classic compared to this annoying boring , let me get my thesarus...smelly poop of a film

Snack recommendation: Dinner and skip the movies if this is your only choice!

Starring Norm MacDonald, Danny DeVito, Elaine Stritch and David Chappelle

Directed by Scott Alexander and Larry "Shamed" Karaszewski



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