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Sherlock Holmes

Directed by: Guy Ritchie
Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams etc.
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I remember it so well...

The world I'd woken to had a kind of shimmer about it that cold day...

I learned shorlty the glimmer must be some weird endorphin goo left over from overhearing an official announcement that a new Sherlock Holmes would be played by Robert Downey Jr.

Be still my male-loving little heart!

But there was more... Jude Law would be mixed into the pate as Watson.

Trailers leaked and advertising started early. My brow grew misty, my patience thin.

When the confounded thing was finally released I skipped to the theater on a high not known since the days of Pomegranate juice Martinis at Matalini’s.

The chemistry between Downey and Law is superb as one expected – the script is not.

Director Guy Ritchie seems to swing like a pendulum between brilliance and braun. Here, he has landed in the middle – saved only by the caliber of his Sherlock and Watson beneath the costuming.

The wafer-thin story follows some evil no gooder, dressed in black, with the black hair and heart, named Blackwood who has decided he’s going to use the black arts to reinvent and rule the world! (<- mahahahwaaa = evil laugh)


But, the stoic bad guy's twist is he is a member of some creepy ritual-loving Masonic-like group of wealthy and powerful citizens of London.

We joined in as Holmes has already hunted this man and is netting him. But this Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) has diabolical (comic book style rule-the-world) plans that even a proper hanging shant derail.

And as film plots would have it, the only woman who ever raised Holmes brow, Ms. Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams), is some how involved with the mad man…

Those who know the Sir Conan Doyle character are well aware of the lass and her ways of toying with Holmes. Ritchie seems to weild her because she is a needed chemical in the Hollywood equation.

Anyway...The duos, and the forced love interest, follow Blackwood through a series of dark – black magic hued - affairs in a Whitechapel-esque London.

Now know, Holmes must stop Blackwood before he kills dozens of rich Parliament men and then, somehow, uses the left over MacRiches to get back the Colonies (U.S.A. circa 1870s) for England and himself.

Um,yeah. Perhaps the villain is dipping into the opium dens ‘tween devilish deeds?

The good news is Sherlock is a delight to watch deduce, and Watson is wittier and less baffled than we are used to. McAdams is fine – but used a bit too much for a Sherlock story.

The others behind the scenes like Sarah Greenwood in Production Design, and Jenny Beavan’s clothing designs, along with Philippe Rousselot’s exquisite cinematography delight.
Ritchie edits in his usual style; kinetic and too many slow-mo bits. Here his dance style just sillies up Sherlock frankly.

The film also has what I call, a double ending. The film’s biggest action scene is matched to ever crescendo-ing music. There’s a climax in-the-sky as a camera pushes away after a saw-it-coming-two-scenes-back good bye set up. The finale. You begin to rise from your seat to beat the rushes. But suddenly, the film goes on.

Luckily, here, unlike Artificial Intelligence say, this afterbirth ties up the story a little neater – and leaves a big huge hint to a sequel should box office warrant.

I’d say you may have to see this. It’s Downey Jr. as Sherlock and Law as Watson – how could you resist? Bob gets better looking with every crease that paints his face. Law is barely legal to gaze upon. But I do hope they make a sequel, and this time create a real wing ding of a story - you know make the single most famous fictional character get a real case worthy of that encyclopedic brain.

Snack recommendation: Honey and scrambled egg on crumpets while you watch a rented version


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