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Sherlock : Television Soundtrack Series One

An Emily Blunt Review
By:David Arnold and Michael Price



A great theme song can not only bring you joy in the fact that your favorite show is back on…it lingers with you – in a very good way. This combo is not easy, but when it happens, think The Munsters, or Batman, the theme can become as popular as its subject.

David Arnold and Michael Price have managed that precious combo with Sherlock’s theme.

America took forever to play the second series, and I wanted to wait on this review until it appeared. My computer-saavy friends had long-since downloaded the next series as I grew more and more impatient and contemplated piracy. Thank fully PBS gave up the goods...but I digress.

Sherlock’s theme has Harry Lime-esque hues, and though you’ll stamp your feet in anger at its shortness, it does weave through the CD. The fun part for neo-Sherlock maniacs, is knowing the notes that are “his.”

Track 4. Pink is the saddest. For those of us who watched in awe as the script-masters stitched a delightfully heavy-hearted remake of Study in Pink, you will appreciate how these musical lads orchestrated that feeling marvelously. The other “different” track is 10. Number Systems. By different I mean, musically separate-seeming; fun.

There's not a whole lot to say, except that the Sherlock soundtrack is wonderful. The choice of instruments is refreshing; the theme, thankfully, reappearing – and with sometimes different instruments and speeds.

It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed driving about to do mundane work-a-day chores with a soundtrack blaring and dressing the tasks. Here, you’ll feel like you have a theme song yourself, and every turn brings a new (less just-heading-to-market) adventure!



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