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Starring: Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy, Rene Russo, Dreno DeNiro, William Shatner and Frankie Faison
Directed by: Tom Dey
Rated: PG-13


Showtime's a fast funny laugh-a-minute! DeNiro is almost funnier than Murphy as he mocks himself, or better put, the legend of DeNiro. Murphy just seems to be glowing as he delivers his lines with his signature rapid fire perfection. These two have made the best buddy-cop film to come up since the first Lethal Weapon dazzled us! But, you're thinking four stars for a buddy-cop flick? Well, I am frigatini biased when it comes to DeNiro or Murphy, granted, so you figure a half a star is there just for each of them being them.

Right from the get go the audience is entertained by these two pros. Trust DeNiro to perpetually deliver. And Murphy just turns it on and lets the camera suck it up. Both are naturals and experts at carrying a film. I just loved this. It's a spoof of the buddy-cop genre done well.

Story goes crusty Los Angeles career cop, Detective Mitch Preston (Robert " get the steak, trust me- you doubtin' me? ME you doubt?" DeNiro) is cornered by reality television producer, Chase Renzi (Renee - simply gorgeous - Russo) after he "attacks" a cameraman and his equipment. Chase sees him as her Dirty Harry; a volitale tough-guy-cop-combusting-with-streetwise-passion that's just waiting to pop. And she wants her cameras there when he does!

The department has to go along with her and her reality cop show idea or face a huge financial lawsuit that will also make the LAPD look like barbarians.

So poor Det. Preston is literally forced to become her television cop; the one thing he depises more than generic cops that make a joke of the badge. Det. Preston sees the whole thing as a hellish nightmare that just can't get any worse.

Enter patrol officer and part time actor, Trey Sellars, or Ice Trey (Eddie- super star-Murphy) as he prefers to be called.

Trey's been trying to break into the Hollywood scene for sometime and really wants this role with Det. Preston. He stages an elaborate scheme to audition for the new show for Chase.

She immediately sees the two are perfectly miss-matched and she couldn't have found a better team! Trey also comes up with the perfect name for the show...Showtime!

Det. Preston, on the verge of a heart attack from the shame, hatred and distaste for the whole damn situation, just tries to go about his police business as the show crew follows him and his star struck partner around. The two have a stormy and hysterical relationship.

His current case involves a new kind of vicious weapon on the streets. It's a big gun. A gun that can destroy a home with a few rounds or open the back of an armored truck if it wants. It's a mean mother fu%&*^ and Det. Preston knows it means trouble. Officer Sellars knows it means ratings!

Can the vetran cop and his tag-a-long-not-worthy-of-being-a-mall-security-guard-actor cop still solve the case while they are constantly being filmed? Or will they kill each other before they get to that episode? You'll have to find that out yourselves.

Would it have been this good with other actors in the role? Probably not…but thankfully they are in the roles and the film is comic magic.

Bob DeNiro is one of our greatest -living- actors. Bell'e dotato! Don't you just get goose bumps when you hear he's in a new film? Or is it just me? Not only can he act— with a blindfold if he wants —but he's super seriously sexy! He's like one of those North End Italian meals, loaded with tons of different infused spices that tease and excite your palette as you taste each subtle layer! I actually got light headed from excitement when I entered the screening of The Score…DeNiro, Brando and Edward Norton in one film. Shriek! Or how about years ago...his uber creepy role as Louis Cyphre? I still sleep with the light on thanks to that performance!

Eddy Murphy's nothing to sneeze at either. Smooth as a fine merlot! He shines in this role! And starring next to DeNiro- that's saying something. If you missed Bowfinger, rent it as soon as you can. That too is brilliant.

Renee Russo was radiant as Chase the cunning shrewd Hollywood producer with an edge. She's a beautiful woman and incredible talent.

Her assistant played by Drena DeNiro was a hoot too. Keep your eye out for her. Sure, she's DeNiro's daughter, but she's not just riding the family name into a career, she has something.

William Shattner plays himself. He's the director of the show. He "trains" Det. Preston and Officer Sellars to act. He also delivers one of the funniest lines in the film when he nonchalantly tells Sellars that this hack Det. Preston just can't act!

There's lots of Hollywood "in" jokes and pokes at the stars' celebrity. Showtime is well written and excellently executed be some of the finest people in the industry. Lucky us! Go on have a few laughs and enjoy.

Snack Recommendation: Sirloin Cheeseburgers at Laylas.

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