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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back


Cult icon writer/director/actor Kevin Smith is at the end of his infamous (to those who know him) " Jersey Chronicles." He burst onto the indie film scene with the itsy-bitsy budgeted, big splash reaction anticlimax film Clerks. He went on to make a few more day in the life of your average-American- population-is-like-this- lackluster person films that, each involved strong oddly likable average characters doing oddly enjoyable average things. They are a collection of hip quazi-Seinfeldesque films geared towards the 18 to 25 year olds if you will. Smith had the comic book store society, lots-o-pot, alluring yet unobtainable chick babes, and these brilliantly profane verbal ballets by a particularly funny and perverse stoner-dude named Jay (Jason Mewes). Jay's a "bellow the radar" type who always manages to offend or spew words that continually back up the assumption of his general uselessness to society…other than being a supplier of a well-needed bag of blunts (Maryjane-joints-doobies-dimebag) to the locals of course.

With J&SBSB you get the feeling Smith sat at his desk, or commode, and thought "I'm gonna make this final hurrah as out there as possible, throw in every gag I can think of, stay true to my pop culture references and cynicisms and get some big stars, whom I have incriminating pictures of, to rag on themselves, in the funniest ways imaginable..."

He's called in a troughful of these stars in delectable cameos. Including a few household names, like the mega-edible (in a toasted blueberry muffin with full fat butter dripping down the edges way), Ben Affleck and Ivy League looking cutey (aka Boston Choppers), Matt Damon, he's enlisted the actor forever linked to fornication with a pie, Jason Biggs, called on a big Blunt smit— Mr. Will Farrell — who shows up to steal scenes away from his fellow actors, and parlayed that "just -has-to-glance-your -way-and-you-laugh" chocolate delicacy Chris Rock. Smith's also brought back a bevy of characters "his" past audience will cheer for as they prance across the frames too like; charming Jason Lee and annoying voiced Joey Lauren Adams, and the original "pot" comic George Carlin in a brief but funny appearance.

Story goes Hollywood is making a movie about Bluntman & Chronic, a comic book based on New Jerseyians Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob's (Kevin Smith) life as stoners turned action heroes. Jay and Silent Bob had no idea. Not to mention, what about a "little dough to parade one's life? That's not what really upsets them though. They're all worked up into a revengeful tizzy because the Internet buzz that developed around the soon-to-be-made movie is all about what losers the real Jay and Silent Bob are. They're being called names, and that is just unacceptable dude! And as boys will be boys the answer is simple to Jay; they've got to stop the film from being made, that's the only way to end the gossip and save their sterling reputations. Simple the cashless, clueless palookas hit the road, off to California to battle the studio.

Thumbing across the states, their road trip is the body of the film. Jay and Silent Bob encounter all sorts of wacky people, and some that border on hallucinogenic. They burn a few blunts with Scooby Doo and the gang. Meet up with a gang of gals ala an "every guy's fantasy sequence" who turn out to be less then what the boys had expected. This gets the boys involved with the law, a secret organization, and ads an Orangutan to their posse. Which sets the law on their trail, well, a dimwitted wildlife ranger (Will Farrell) a few plays on some famous films like the original Planet of the Apes, The Fugitive, Star Wars- including a bit part by Luke Skywalker himself, and bingo you've got the plot and about 5000 laughs a minute.

Being versed in Smith's past works and in on the joke here, I say J&SBSB is a f*&^%in' hysterical flick! Smith's managed to spoof himself and Hollywood in so many ways, you may have to see it twice to truly enjoy and savor every oozing juvenile word. Sure, some people are going to be offended…There's already hoopla boiling around the opening from GLAAD about the bombardment of gay jokes that run through out the film. Jay and Silent Bob, have always been an ambiguously gay duo no? And it is done in a "what an idiot these guys are" way. To me, Smith seems to be making fun of people that homophobic, and ignorant, more than glorifying them.

Smith can handle the latest wave of large wave mayhem surfing, he's probably sitting back and drinking in that cool refreshing controversy tea his so famous for. Controversy you say? You may recall his last film noir Dogma the religious spoof received a verbal lashing from the Catholic Church folks. He was labeled a heathen working for Lucifer or some such nonsense. Did they see the movie was a thought that sprang into this God-fearing reviewer's mind instantly...Dogma wasn't that great and certainly wasn't going to start springing up cults of anti-Catholics across the continental divide. Though Smith will have to 'splain himself to the almighty later for the Alana Morrissey casting…

J&SBSB is not an academy award-winning venture; don't think Smith intended it to be. The film work looks like a high school student's dad gave him a movie making kit for graduation. But, it's still very funny. Yes, those familiar with Smith's prior works are the targeted audience and will laugh harder since he's made a celluloid stew of in-the-know references, certainly that was his intention.

J&SBSB is juvenile, and be warned, often crude. It would be a big mistake to take your youngins'. And, I triple double warn you if you're a PBS subscribing suburbanite who's only joy in life is getting in the shortest teller line at your bank's branch or the New York Times Crossword puzzle gets you sexually stimulated— you should skip this. The rest of you be there opening night.

Snack Recommendation: Mooby's Brand Breakfast Sandwiches

Official Kevin Smith Site

Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Eliza Dushku, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jason Lee, Will Farrell, James Van Der Beek, Jason Biggs,Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Mark Hammel, Joey Lauren Adams, Shannon Elizabeth , Carrie Fisher, Tracy Morgan and George Carlin

Directed/written by: Kevin Smith.

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