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Simon Says

I'll tow the line
Make up my mind
Leave it behind until tomorrow...
Slowly it all sinks in
Wrinkles of time settle on the skin
Suddenly all appears
All that you were faded in the years...

But as each day goes by
The more I can hide in my youth for excuses
Until tomorrow
Until the next time
Until whenever

I'll wait forever

Once there was part of me
Locked up inside fighting to be free
I'll bottle resent somehow...

'Cause if I knew then what I know now
But you must never look back
'Cause the reason for that led to this - just to exist

Until tomorrow
Until the next time
Until whenever

I'll wait forever
I've got ambition
A plan and mission
And all the time in the world
To see it happen

Search for the reason
I was hurt by the treason
I got learn from the season that shot away live for the day

Until tomorrow
Until the next time
Until whenever
I'll wait forever

I'll turn the tables
Un-pin the labels I'll get myself out of bed
Keeping my eyes up ahead
I'll tow the line
Make up my mind
Then leave it behind until tomorrow
So, I'll tow the line until tomorrow...

Did you love that or what Blunterrettes? That's by a chap named Simon Townshend. A musical lad for decades now. Check out his site. There's Mp3's for a quick ear candy fix- Also, a venue to buy his phenomenal CDs. Talent oozes from his intelligent, manly man pores gals- lyrics with soul and a unique smart sound. Alas, he's happily married so live vicariously through his music, hmm ?

Simon enjoys a daily dairy gig...actually, quite rich with spirit and enthusiasm, and we love enthusiasm here don't we kiddies!

Give a look and enjoy Simon Townshend's talent- he's a keeper!

New releases for the future -

Animal Soup Live At The Astoria - Fantastic band performance, full of energy! Contains stunning versions of tracks such as The Way It Is, When She Sleeps, Ecstasy Heaven, Somewhere Out There, Highness and more. -

Soup Sessions - A special disc containing Simon's full Soup sessions recorded in London (featuring Zak Starkey) and Philadelphia (featuring Ben Townshend). Songs include Head, Hips & Heart, Comeback, Sex Change, Naked, Ecstasy Heaven, When She Sleeps, and 11 more.

Demos Retrospective - Plans are to put a really diverse collection of Simon's unreleased tracks together recorded from age 14 (1979ish) onward. There's some great material here which will surprise everyone!

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