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Sin City SoundtrackSin City | John Debney, Graeme Revell and Robert Rodriguez
an emily blunt soundtrack review

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Bluntly speaking? You can just tell the contents of this pulp graphed CD are goin' be outrageous before you even hit play - just look at the talents spinning the notes! John Debney (who is getting the coveted Henry Mancini Achievement Award this spring) meets up with Graeme Revell! The dynamic duo of musical mayhem are there to help, er, assist, Mr. Robert Rodriguez flavor his musical stew.

It's as expected from any proper Rodriguez soundtrack - film and music are perfectly suited - fitted - to subject. Here Frank Miller's Sin City. It's a unique blend of music (kid in a candystore styled), strokes of noir, accented with big bawdy camp-y pulp-y syntho dollops throughout.

As the first track, 'Sin City' invites you in, for a actual feeling of slithering down a urine stenched, garbage-can strewn alley, while the obligatory crying sax foretells of what ominous notes await you on the other (side of the) tracks...

Rodriguez does most of the music; like his "guest directors" on the film, here Debney and Revell are visiting to have a beer, and lend some sounds. And again, these three have all cut films together before - there's a history, a commradary and that energy pours from the speakers. Each composer handles the "feel" of one of the vignettes of the film - genius on Rodriguez's part. Revell handles Marv (Mickey Rourke's character) and Debney brings his old school abilities to Dwight's (Clive Owen's character) spiraling yarn. Even if you have not, or never intend to see the film, this is one of those scores that help the brain create its own drama within - set to a guiding concert of sound.

But there's added audio joy with a track by Fluke; their techno-ditty, 'Absurd'. It seems to be there to remind you when you step into a bar in Sin City, you're sure to meet the unexpected. 'Sensemaya' composed by Silvestre Revueltas gets a spin - and we all get to ride along.

Bottom line? The cd is perfectly in sync with the film's genre and stylized rebel feel. Obliviously it is a must have for any soundtrack connoisseur - this is the pure uncut stuff. Enjoy
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1. Sin City
2. One Hour to Go
3. Goldie's Dead
4. Marv
5. Bury the Hatchet
6. Old Town Girls
7. Hard Goodbye
8. Cardinal Sin
9. Her Name Is Goldie
10. Dwight
11. Old Town
12. Deadly Little Miho
13. Warrior Woman
14. Tar Pit
15. Jackie Boy's Head
16. Big Fat Kill
17. Nancy
18. Prison Cell
19. Absurd -
20. Kiss of Death
21. That Yellow Bastard
22. Hartigan
23. Sensemaya
24. Sin City End Titles



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