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The Sixth Sense

Starring: Bruce Willis, Toni Collette, and cutie pie Haley Joel Osment
Directed by: (and written by)M. Night Shyamalan
Rated: R

Bruce Willis is a stud Muffin! He is! So what if his hair, well, he's still a little hottie. Now after years of watching him and drooling...I can drool some more. Sixth Sense is a slow moving-albeit fabulous flick.

A young boy, Cole Sear (adorable Haley Joel Osment) has a sixth sense. He can see things others can't. Naturally, it's not happy fluffy angels helping him on his spelling test, or a handsome manly man with a look similar to Ralph Fiennes...Nooo, they are creepy, evil, awful things...worse than old reappearing boyfriends. Cole's sudden outbursts in school, and pesky drawings of mutilated people he's produced has drawn attention to him. The teachers fear he may be a bit off. Ya think? Enter Dr. Malcomb Crowe (Bruce "smirk mouth" Willis). The good doctor happens to have a few issues of his own to put to rest, so to speak, and this further encourages him to help the little nut case. Dr. Crowe it seems, lost a patient with a similar profile to young Cole's a while back, and he is determined to assist this troubled young lad.

Dr. M is determined to stop Cole's deathly hallucinations. Or are they hallucinations at all? Whahahahah (<- evil laugh). As Dr. Crowe discovers, some magic is real. The skin on the back of my neck stood at perpetual attention. This poor kid. Man you thought the Boogieman was a bummer? Tah, that's nothing. The Boogieman was actually two rows behind me, cowering.

But Dr. Crowe isn't succeeding all too well and he's also is having some marital problems at home. His beloved wife has become cold. She also seems to be cheating, reminiscing about how they used to be and popping Zoloft like Sweet Tarts. This is not a good sign that all is perky pink; they could be heading for the divorce arena.

Things have a funny way of turning out though, and believe you me, you won't see it coming. Young Haley Joel Osment- besides his ridiculously snobby Hollywood name-is a great little actor. I wept and snorted.

Bruce does a strong job of bringing us into his world. Nice to see he can act. I mean, lets face it, his other movies-didn't really let him stretch. Go see this and be prepared to be shaken. It's a great movie.

Snack Recommendation: Snow Cones.

Is it chilly in here?


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