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Lost SkeletonThe Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

Starring: Fay Masterson, Jennifer Blaire, Brian Howe, Susan McConnell, Andrew Parks and Larry Blamire
Directed by: Larry Blamire

Filmed in Skeletascope!


The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra has to be one of the greatest parodies of old black and white sci-fi movies to date. It's so brilliantly detailed with odes and homages to the long forgotten style of horror-like film making I'm guessing the late great legendary director of monster riddled sci-fi poo himself, Mr. Ed Wood, is currently rolling in his hermetically sealed grave with directorial envy. If you're into B (or even C) films of days gone by you are going to flip for this flick!

Director/writer/actor Larry Blamire (and his crew of talented actors) missed nothing as they lovingly captured the magic of that whole kooky pre-digital special effects and hokey costumed penny-a-prop look. And its stitched together with Blamire's clever script chock full of droll stereotyped subplots to create, oddly, one heck of an original film.

Story goes...Dr. Paul Armstrong (Larry Blamire) and his lovely bride Betty (Fay Masterson) are tracking a meteor the inquisitive doctor saw land in the area of the cave of Cadavra…

Meanwhile aliens, Lattis and Kro-Bar (Susan McConnell and Andrew Parks), from the planet Marva have been stranded in the same neck of the woods...

Meanwhile as coincidence would have it evil scientist Dr. Fleming (Brian Howe) is also in the woods by the cave of Cadavra searching for the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra which will give him powers a mad scientist type can only dream of; world domination at the forefront -- of course.

The evil Dr. Fleming finally finds the lost skeleton resting in a spooky hidden cave. But his journey is far from over as he now learns from his new master, The Skeleton, that only an element called atmospherium can raise the cranky orating skeleton from the dead, thusly implementing their master plan of ruling the world. HILLLL- AIR-I-OUS!

Coincidentally the aliens also need to find atmospherium so they can fix their space ship and return to Marva.

Oddly enough, Dr. Paul Armstrong needs the atmospherium too for his scientific sciencey studies. Luckily he's found a whole heck of it in this meteorite fragment - also - near the cave. Things are coming together smoothly...

But uh-oh those wacky aliens have gone and allowed their pet mutant (Darrin Reed) to escape! The mean mutant is running around killing cows and farmers and oh my! Good thing they have their Transmutatron to capture the beast! Gosh, sure hope that Transmutatron device doesn't get into the wrong hands…

Oops the evil Dr. Fleming has discovered the aliens and their secret weapon… But, instead of exposing them he decides to use the handy Transmutatron (suspiciously reminiscent of a caulking gun one might see on aisle ten at Home Depot spray painted and dolloped with buttony gismos) for his own evil ends. Well, to create a date at least!

He uses the outer space tool to meld four handy woodland creatures into the beautiful sex kitten Animala (sex kitten Jennifer Blaire). Together they try to woo the atmospherium carrying chunk-of-meteor the fine Doctor Armstrong has found away from the fine doctor.

Let the side splitting mayhem never end!

Bluntly Speaking? Larry Blamire's witty loving way of spoofing the whole campy late fifties early sixties low-budgetesque sci-fi era radiates off the big screen like the silver painted fabrics of the alien spacesuits themselves! There's nothing missed from the sex-sells clichéd bohemian love dance by sultry beatnik babe Animala, to the dialog that's perfectly redundantly hysterical, to the any-self-respecting B Movie mandate of a man in a cheesy three eyed monster suit dragging the American-ad personification of housewife - who has fainted (natch) - through the creepy woods. Heck even the creature's fingers are in that ultra-long authentically unbendable style we bad film buffs crave! Fantabulous. This is worth its Marvian weight in atmospherium!

Listen NOW to a Personal Message From The Skeleton - If You Dare!

Snack recommendation: Marvian Gutalana with Limbooba Wine.

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