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Sky Captain and the World of TomorrowSky Captain and the World of Tommorow

Starring: Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Giovanni Ribisi, Angelina Jolie, and Sir Lawrence Olivier
Directed by: Kerry Conran


Bluntly speaking? Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is a visual masterpiece while its campy story resembles an old radio serial from the forties. It's a bit of comic book drama infused with tableau humor done to perfection.

Speaking of perfection…Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow positively radiate as the film's bickering daredevils out to save the world from twelve-story high evil robots and flying destructo pods!

Story goes…Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) is working for the Chronicle. Her idea of a big date is a scoop that'll cover the front page with a multitude of exclamations. She's a career gal.

When she finds herself downtown in the middle of a bizarre invasion by the forementioned twelve story robots which are shooting deadly lasers at her poor metropolis she thinks something big is happening.

Then up in the sky a certain Captain Joe Sullivan (Jude Law), aka Sky Captain, is single handedly ka-powing the metal monsters. He spots Polly below - she spots him - they have a "moment" amid the mechanical mayhem. And we get the feeling these two know may just know each other's private phone lines…or at least they once did...

Faster then you can say, "Read all about it," Polly discovers the mysterious colossal robots have something to do with missing scientists and old WW1 secret going ons.

She knows the one man who can help her get her story, while possibly saving the world, is Sky Captain. Polly lets the flying hunk of bravery know she's got vital information that could assist him - but her price for her section of the growing nefarious puzzle? She wants in! Literally. She'll wanna be by his side aboard his trusty fighter plane throughout.

He's less than pleased with the idea of the lassy latching onto his adventure - but alas he's been hoodwinkled properly and off they go to circumvent the world in search of the mad scientist Totenkopf (remarkably portrayed by Sir Lawrence Olivier in archival footage!). The haven't much time if they're to stop his evil plan of world destruction!

So with the help of engineering genius Dex (Giovanni Ribisi) and a bedeviling commander named "Frankie" (Angelina Jolly), Sky Captain and Polly Perkins may just get to the genius mad man and his evil secret lair before it's too late…

Can you hear the announcer's baratone voice begging you to tune in next week for the chilling conclusion but in the meantime...why not enjoy a frosty coca cola from the makers of the drink of the future available at your theater's friendly snack shoppe?

Jude Law is an exceptionally handsome fellow to begin with and what's more handsome than a man in a uniform? Right a man in a uniform with an accent. Purr. His unswerving talent just ads a tasty olive to his yummitini flavorings.

Gywenyth Paltrow is phenomenal as Polly Perkins, the maven with moxie. And even in sporty high heels and form fitting career-gal wear she may just manage to save the world!

And Giovanni Ribisi and Angelena Jolie make the short time the appear on film work like a well oiled chassis. Angelina sports an eye patch and is STILL one of the nost beautiful women in the world.

Oh what fun. A glorious trip to the movies filled with nostalgia, talent and awe inspiring effects. Kevin Conran's production design nails the era of a cloak and dagger Gotham City while composer Edward Shearmor's music compliments the film's decidedly refreshing feel with triumphant notes from another time of filmmaking. Director writer Kerry Conran has created a masterpiece that should delight audiences in the world of tomorrow. Enjoy.

Snack recommendation: Bazooka bubblegum

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