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Snoops Bein' SnoopsSnoop Dogg | Doggin' the Idol
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CONTENTWarning For the Faint Hearted: The words hoity and toity are used in the preceeding article, as well as a reference to "Evian", in an entirely explicit manner of sorts maybe.

Sitting with the ex-gangsta multi-tasking mega-talent Snoop Dogg, the chit chat, over petite cakes and Evian water, in a hoity toity Beverly Hills hotel quickly veered off from his new album and his new film, and turned into a serious discussion about the continuing pop crazed show American Idol.

Snoop got very animated and didn't hold back saying, " I don't like that show! The people that come on there get their feelin's crushed by the dude Simon." He thought for a nanosecond then spewed, "And he's a non-talented mutha fucka! I don't understand how he can crush their spirits like that!" He's seething now, " If somebody's great on there, he never says their great! It's like hockey - a spectator sport. And I know a lot of times they wanna say, "Fuck you Simon!" So I'll say it for you." He smiles with an almost sinister grin.

He continued trying to explain his distaste for the show and Simon in layman's terms, "It's a cruel way to let people down - you don't let 'em down like that! That's very harmful. To someone who's believin' in themselves and putting their best foot forward and do what they're tryin' to do to get in the game. He breaks them down."

Is he watching this season's tumultuous carnival? Snoop admits he's tuned in turning almost fan-ish he says, "That girl LaToya? She shouldn't have lost! She had a strong strong voice. She was live. She was charismatic! That's why I don't understand. Was it rigged? What's goin' on? [laughter].

Even so he proclaims, "At the end of the day it's always bullshit you know? I mean like with Rueben in Clay. How did Clay get on the cover of Rolling Stone and Rueben on the cover of Jet? What was that all about? I thought this mutha fucka won. How is [Clay's] single bigger than his? How come [Clay's] all out front? I don't understand that shit - it's a bullshit ass show!"

But is Simon just a ratings tool or just a tool? Snoop got quiet, like he felt bad for everyone who ever personally had to know Simon, " I think it's really him. Simon's all like [Snoop breaks into a ratskeller British accent to mock Simon] 'I think it's garbage." He continued hopeful, " They have Paula Abdul and the other brother up there too and they're gonna make people feel good! And that matters you know what I'm sayin'? 'Cause I'm an artist. I know that the reason I didn't jump in the game earlier is I didn't wanna get criticized. That crushes your feelings. That hurts! It's a slap in the face. If you are garbage it's the way you say it!"

The million-dollar question was burning in me now. Would Snoop consider being a judge if the show returns? He smiles and says, "I wouldn't fuck with that show!" as he reached for another of the chef's tiny sugar creations.

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