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Sol Goode

Starring: Balthazar Getty, Katharine Towne, Jamie Kennedy, Danny Comden, Tori Spelling, Cheri Oteri, Natasha Gregson Wagner, and Johnathan Schaech.
Directed by: Dan Comden


Sol Goode is like a throw back to all those young angst ridden slices of life starring John Cusack in the 80's. Um, except of course the guys are a tad older and John Cusack's not in it...heck there's not even a Broderick or a Estevez to be seen!

The cast does a fantastic job of just enjoying the material supplied by screenwriter Danny Comden, (who also has a pivotal role in the film). There's no surprises or unforeseen twists that'll leave you mesmerized, but still it's a purrfect cuddle up with a big bowl of popcorn piece.

Story goes…Sol Goode (Balthazar Getty) is one of those struggling actors without a clue. He goes for auditions, meets his buds for lunch and screws his way through a plethora of debutantes. He's a fast talking slick swinger dude…

But below his quazi stoner smirkful manpig veneer is a nice guy; somewhere. His gal pal platonically speaking, Chloe (Katharine Town) is his conscience of sorts. Though you immediately get the idea she's smitten with him in more than strictly an asexual game of twister way. She listens to him and his over the edge creepizoid without-a-clue complete with streaked blonde highlights circa Flock of Seagulls haired friend Cooper (Dan Comden) as they discuss the conquests of hall of shame lay from the preceding night. There's also a agent-in-the-making henpecked buddy of the circle, Justin (Jamie Kennedy). His girlfriend Brenda (Natasha Gregson Wagner) is like Marsha Brady on acid. She bullets orders at him like a neo-nazi and switches emotions faster than Anna Nicole Smith on prescriptions de Jour! She's terrifying.

We watch as Sol and his friends grow a little and find their way…well most. Cooper will be snorting red bull and shellacking his hair till he's rolling into the crematorium- a lounge lizard of pure green till they day he dies. But Sol may just change his ways and find something he didn't even know he was looking for…sniff.

Okay, so obviously the story of the been -there-done-that sort. It's really the cast, which includes underrated Tori Spelling as a trashy f**k partner of Sol's, and a Swimming With Sharks homage played out brilliantly by megatalented little Cheri Oteri, that makes this out right enjoyable. And in one of a thousand genuine knee slapping guffaws in the film, Comden scripts a metaphor on a "member" of the small circle of friends aptly named Happy (Johnathon Schaech) that alludes to his "particular" slab mansteak being a large as a Durabright lighter…. I nearly spit soda on poodle resting at my feet! There's also some continuity issues so blatant I wondered if they were actually placed for comedic value…hmm.

Bottom line, Sol Goode is exactly what it should be, mindless giggle inducing hilarity. It's clever details and likable cast that make Sol Goode pretty gosh darn good. Grab it next time you're at Blockhustler Video Emporium Depot.

Blunt Aside: Look for "little" cameos sprinkled through-out...

Snack Recommendation: Double breast of Pamela Anderson on rye and a Los Angeles Skyline -unsweetened.

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