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Someone Like You!

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Starring: Ashley Judd ,Greg Kinnear, Hugh Jackman, Marisa Tomei , and Ellen Barkin
Directed by Tony Goldwyn
Writing credits: Laura Zigman (novel) Elizabeth Chandler
Rated: PG-13


Precious! Ashley Judd is always so enjoyable. She just shimmers! Then the wonderful casting agents understood this movie— based on a book by a woman, adapted by a woman— is about woman's over all daze and deep confusion in the mating habits of the male Homo sapien neanderthalensis species. And in their wisdom, cast two different styles of beefcake to keep our interests from straying to another theater.

On one hand you have the almost veal- tender- like silky- smooth- charm of established buffet of male delicacies, Greg Kinnear. And on the other hand you've got that rough edged Angus cut filet of mansirloin with a smart scoop of tall, crisply blended into the boydish. I speak of Hugh Jackman.

We gals are still wiping our brow from the X-Men dvd released a while ago! So, snuggled into my reserved third row center seat I sat back and drank in the mock-phermones from the screen. I thought I'd died and gone to celluloid heaven.

These same casting agents, again, showed über intelligence by placing cutey pie Ashley Judd in this already visually orgasmic treat. She's eye enjoyment for the men dragged into this decidedly romantic Chick Flick. And we girls know she can act.

Someone Like You's story goes...Jane Goodall (yes, like the chimp lady, played by fore mentioned perky Judd) has bad luck with men. Hmm.

She can't understand why they move on like hummingbirds, or bees from flower to flower spreading their pollen...She's "udderly" confused. Until she reads the Old Cow theory in a paper one day...

Man ( or as I like to say, mansteaks) are very much like the cows Jane has read about in this scientific study. She reads cows, or rather the bulls, mate with a cow then he simply dumps her like a big ol' cowpatty—a heffer-ty one-night-stand sans the cab.

Didya know a farmer needs 98 cows and a mere one bull to keep all happy. You getting her idea?

Meanwhile, Jane has met new coworker Ray (Greg-slurp- Kinnear). He's absolutely charming, witty and...cunning. Argh. They fall madly in love. Or do they. Bulls get bored with old cows according, again to this study...

Jane's other coworker, a ho-male named Eddie (Hugh- breath- Jackman) is on to the budding couple. Of course Ray's more like a wolf with the women, and less like a bull. Jane's safe from him for now. Bulls, er, men, don't mess with another's cow er, girl, de Jour.

Confusing? it won't be when you get out to see this romantic, if sometimes a bit sappy romance yarn.

Ashley Judd just gets cuter every gosh darn time I see her! A funny point. Ashley troughs through the whole movie. In fact in the first eleven scenes or so she's perpetually munching on something. Was she accused of some eating disorder ala Ally Flockhart? Is this some publicist's ploy? "They'll see her eat and bingo-your-order's-up the gossip is quelled!"

Jack. Say it with me....Jack. Australian born...Natch! There's a scene I'm still smarting over though. Ashley, er Jane, is running around in tiny-weeny-undies. Jack joins her, which is just fine and dandy thank you... But he's wearing loose boxers. Granted nothing is sexier then boxers...

What was my point?—This guy's a schmorgasborg of tasty bits!

Marisa Tomei showed up as Jane's confidant and had a thousand clever quips! Marisa is such a phenomenal actress. Why isn't she in more? She's natural and perfectly cast here.

Greg Kinnear is just edible. He's married now which should make one's eyebrow cease it's naughty little lift...But for some reason even that hasn't ceased the desire to dip him in Butterscotch Magic Shell™ and nibble it off slowly till he's all cleaned up!

The cast is great, the script has some laugh out-loud moments. In fact enough of them to make this a seer! Hey, I can't think of anyplace I'd rather spend two hours then visually sandwiched between Jack and Greg on a 40 foot screen blaring out in Technicolor!

Snack Recommendation: Chubby Hubby half pint eaten afterwards with the fridge door ajar.


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