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Soul Plane

Starring: Kevin Hart, Tom Arnold, Mo'Nique, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Godfrey, Missi Pyle, Ryan Pinkston, Brian Hooks, D.L. Hughley, Arielle Kebbel Sommore, Sofia Vergara , John Witherspoon, and Gary Anthony Williams
Directed by: Jessy Terrero

Bluntly speaking? I laughed my lily-white ass off! Soul Plane is hilarious. It's a funked-out Airplane-lite. A silly stoo-pid fun movie not trying to prove anything to anyone. Is it Blaxploitation? It's done by a multiracial staff of folks - so I'm thinkin' no.

Soul Plane's cliché' riddled humor continually steps over da edge - no boldly long jumps over da edge with a blindfold and arms flailing - crossing that oh-so-visable-invisible line between acceptable 'In Living Color' "Look at the different races being funny honey" comedy-style and blue-in-any-culture comedy that rarely actually makes it to a screen! There's a snippet by John Witherspoon known as "The Blindman & The Baked Potato Scene" that'll go down in über-gross filmfare history.

Story goes…Nashawn Ward (Kevin Hart) has a horrific experience aboard a snooty airline. The result s an incredible 100 million dollar court judgment.

We skip past any appeals…

And viola the man has started his own airline called NWA (hehehe). The airline does things a tad differently. They transport urbanites from the 310 to the 212 (Los Angeles to New York <-Caucasian translation). The terminal, the crew and the craft are decked out in less than F.C.C. shades of calming hues and regulatory stuffamagal- the "help" aboard look like disco-era porn stars (, the "security" agents are a bit too familiar for those who may fly a lot…and the Captain earned his wings behind bars.

Once aboard the silly purple plane, you'll be liquored up and able to partake in the upstairs disco or Jacuzzi. It's like a Barbie Plane but even more illogical; the disco shots look like the plane's the size of a hanger! Hilarious.

Bottom line, black, white or orange skin toned, you wouldn't want to fly this airline no how - no way - nowhere - period.

Underneath the heavy veneer of a sketch-show plot is a love story (naturally). Seems NWA owner Nashawn's ex-true love Giselle (K.D. Aubert) is aboard and they'll have to see if they can rekindle their affair. Oh, and the pilot is going to get a little dead en route to the east coast (again, naturally) so you'll be watching a flutter of shenanigans of that sort.

There are delicious dollops of chocolate flavored talent throughout the film and even a Latin hotty (Sofia Vergara) for your viewing pleasure. Tom Arnold shows up as the oblivious white guy Mr. Hunkee -tah - and his loving family and gal pal (Missi Pyle) are perfect micro-stereotypes of "the other culture." The lovely Mo'Nique positively steals any scene she graces with her usual energetic razor-sharp comic abilities and Kevin Hart - if he picks scripts right - could be a permanent fixture in film. Snoop Dogg, as the baked pilot, is a lot less believable than he was as his recent impeccable showing in Starsky and Hutch - but he's just too damn cool not to smile at.

Soul Plane is plain old dumb fun. It's plotless, pointless, and its characters are waterwafer thin. But it doesn't try to be logical, smart or even politically correct. Soul Plane's an urban comedy (meaning a dish of black stereotypes, lusting Latino stereotypes with splashes of the token retro-White folks (crackers) on the side stereotypes), so inevitably some people are gonna be hating it. but it's an equal opportunity insulting laughterfest at the expenses of stereotypes that are so blatant it's immediately obvious the film is meant to tickle your politically correct- lovin' funny bone, not to dog (g) homeys an' shit. Lighten up and enjoy a really funny movie.

Snack recommendation: A baked potato ...with sour cream and cilantro....I just grossed myself out...see the film you'll get it.

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