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Bigger, Longer and Uncut
Starring: Kenny, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Chef and the rest of the South Park gang.
Written by: Trey Parker, Matt Stone and a Mary Kay Bergman.


Bluntly speaking? BRAVO! Well done Trey and Matt! This movie did an ass-kicking, bang-up job of dissing and destroying everything that is good and sacred in the cow-towing, ass-kissing, politically correct arena called Hollywood, USA. It's a Laugh Fest Extravaganza, readers! Something for everyone! There's racism, bathroom humor, lots of swear words, sodomy, blasphemy, flatulence, homosexuality, violence, blood, gore, dismemberment and even a guest appearance by Bill Gates--to a helluva lot of MGM style music!

Story goes...Kyle's mom Mrs. Brovlofski, is hell bent on stopping the moral corruption of young American minds by those filthy-mouthed Canadians, Terrence and Phillip. How does she do it? How else? A full scale bloody war with the Cannucks of course--that's logical. The battle scenes are gonna make you pee, so pack some Depends..

Kenny leaves us shortly into the film. But he emerges as an intricate connection between Satan, Saddam Hussein, a little French resistance dude named, 'The Mole" and world peace--an everyday plot really.

One particularly good subplot (and there were a few) was the relationship between Saddam Hussein and Satan. No holes barred (so to speak) with a non-stop barrage of homosexual scenarios that would rival a Saturday night at the Ramrod.

Matt and Trey are the B-52 fighter pilots of comedy. Truly brilliant minds, that uphold the first and cardinal rule of comedy: WHAT'S FUNNY IS FUNNY. No matter whose expense it comes at. Freedom of speech, bay-bee.

If you're not familiar with South Park this will be a nice introduction to these sweet young boys and girls and their swell hometownsian folk. If you are familiar with these little spuds- run, trample and kick-fight your way to the theater right now and see this movie! Don't even finish the review! And this aint for kiddies - not at all - be warned.

Snack recommendation: Cheesy Poofs and Kosher chocolates


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