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Mr Kevin Spacey seems like the type of guy you could go out to a nice restaurant with (he wouldn't wear a Metallica tee), enjoy intelligent conversation (perhaps a chat on English Gothic writers of the 18th century?) then... have rabid Rhesus monkey sex on the kitchen table for dessert!

On top of my obvious personal attraction—he can ACT! Kevinski is at once a chameleon of characters and a leading man. He reminds me of my favorites; Coleman, Bogart, and Tracy. I love them old time actors, so suave and clean cut with that manly air of mystery. Spacey captures his characters the same way; they have depth—no neon signs that scream, "Okay, I’m playing the bad guy here, okay, now I’m the good guy."

Spacey did not sprout up from The Usual Suspects—the film that won him an Oscar—au contrary mon cheri! Kev’s been around awhile. He started in legit NY theater (he got paid and won a Tony). From there, on to T.V's Wiseguy, where he became this evil little incestuous, money-hungry, drug-shooting lunatic—with a cute smile. Naturally, I was smitten. I'd say to strangers,"That guy’s goin’ places!" they'd say "What are you some kind of freak!? Leave us alone" Ah, the memories.

On Kev went to some roles even you'd recognize. Gathered two Academy Awards, many BAFTA's, oodles of festival awards and now is a mainstay, thankfully, in film.

But The Spacemaster's not happy riding out the star waves in a fancy brownstone or oceanfront estate...he took the fame and wealth and formed a production company with a few talents he knows called Trigger Street Productions. Their goal? To bring new talent to the public, give a voice to those who maybe otherwise would still be waiting tables at Big Boy's.

They've done so much to date. Most recently a production of Cobb in Los Angeles (well Burbank). They also threw together that neato-keen play-on-film Big Kahuna, one of the best damn presentations in the history of Broadway (in my humble opinion) of The Iceman Cometh and the heart opening documentary, Uncle Frank. I'm excited about their feature currently in post-production called United States of Leland.

What's next? Maybe your film...TriggerStreet.com will be launched November 10th. It will be an online forum for writers and filmmakers. Where it's about old fashion merit and not all schmoozing and who-ya-know! Go register here.

But what about the man behind the myth? Dunno really. He likes Bobby Darin I hear. That's just his good taste sparkling through.....

Look El Keverino has an army of "Spacey Cadets" on the web where you can find his bio, pants size, etc. But I figure the less I know the better. Kevin seems sweet, I would like to keep it that way. All I need to know is he's talented, adorable and has a razor wit. Um, yum.
If you're unfamiliar with his roles here are some movie mini-reviews to get you into him (oh, that sounds devilishly fun, no?). All the reviews orbit around his role, otherwise I would need to catalog, and that requires way to much time--I do have a super busy chickbabe's life ya know.

Warm dark banana pudding fantasy thoughts,

Emily Blunt



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