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Spider-Man 2Spider-Man 2

Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco and Alfred Molina
Directed by: Sam Raimi
Music: Danny Elfman
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Bluntly speaking? Spider-Man 2 is a fantastic journey of artistical hoopla, attached to a super-cornball story, worthy of its comic book legacy and film predecessor. Spidie's new archenemy Doc Ock is by far the coolest villain created by the melding of DNA (Digital + Natural = Awesome-effect) between an actor and CGI wizardry to date!

Story goes…Peter Parker's (Tobey Maguire) livin' in the big city juggling his time 'tween work and saving innocents. He's bombing out in college, and he's a bit over-whelmed with the whole super-hero deal.

His love-of-life, Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst), however, has the apple on a rope, and has become pretty successful in the big bad city. M.J.'s doing so well in fact her big cheeky face is blazen across oddles of billboards across the metropolitan area for playing in a play.

Peter decides this would be a great excuse to try and reintroduce himself as more-than-a-friend as he's yet to jump on her like a rabid Rhesus monkey!

Meanwhile back in the interesting part of the film…Harry (James Franco) wants to continue his father's legacy of helping the world through bizarre science discoveries - that can go either way. Har's working with genius, Dr. Otto Octavious (Alfred Molina), on a humming, glowing, extremely volatile machine that'll could our cure all the world's energy needs.

New York's smart-iest of minds and super-ist of financial funders gather for an invite-only unveiling of the much-needed device. History is being made - and it's been catered.

But, faster than you can say "Hey, those self-thinking metal arm assistants, strategically attached to Dr. Octavious' backside, obviously meant to aide him with that machine thing's volatile core, are wicked cool!" the poopieschnitzel hits the corporate funded fan and poor Doctor Octaviuos is transformed into a mechanical octopus of sorts.

Oopsie, seems the melding of the apparatuses' also apparently warped his brain too. He's now under their command - and their evil. Naturally.

So, Harry still miffed over Spider-Man's killing his father (Green Goblin - Wilem Dafoe), sees another business venture in the mechanical octopus' dilemma. Doc Ock needs some sort of super plutonium -y chemical stuff to rule the world's energy source, and Harry wants Spider-Man. Harry will provide - as he very very rich - the chemical bling bling if D.O. will deliver S.M. - ASAP!

Kids and their mean spirited ways.

The whole M.J. - Peter story is 'CSI Leisureville Park, FL' dull. But the new villain and the growing hate in Hateful Harry is very comic book. So, even with it's silly plot, and telegraphed love story, the film's just fun. It is a visual charmer that never stops entertaining. Peter's struggle of coming to grips with who he really is can get annoying - he's Spider-Man for criminey! Able to fly around via his webby thingys!

The fine actors, especially here, are pawns of the comic book following script. Their ability to take the expected garbled ballet of acts, and dress them with entertaining frills of real talent, saved the film's thin veneer of story.

Alfred Molina as the newly converted evildoer, Doc Ock, was a special thespian follower treat. His face morphed like a Robert Rodriguez villain right before your very eyes - from a kindly soft fella to lecherous precision killer - brilliant. Tobey Maguire's purdy darn buff in this here role. Humina humina! A coupla of hours of him running about in his form fitting garanimal-like P.J.s aint so bad. Pretty Kirsten Dunst is pretty much scenery here. She is a strong woman as M.J., but the performance is all pout and silent-film facial gestures that she's just not able to pull off.

Spider-Man 2's a great sequel. You'll see where the star-crossed lovers go, you'll learn Peter Parker's destiny (again), and you'll be positively stunned by the evil Doc Ock's seamless abilities! Enjoy my leedle dumplings....enjoy. Buy it

Snack recommendation: Cocktail appetizers and pizza.

DVD Features:

Available subtitles: English, Spanish, French

Commentary by director Sam Raimi, actor Tobey Maguire, producer Ani Ahrati, and coproducer Grant Curtis

Technical commentary

"Spidey Sense 2" pop-up trivia track

Blooper reel

Four Web-isodes: original online featurettes

Train music video: "Ordinary"

Disc 2:

"Making the Amazing": 12-part documentary

"Hero in Crisis": a deeper look into Peter Parker and his personal battles

"Ock-umentary: Eight Arms to Hold You"

"Interwoven: The Women of Spider-Man"

"Enter the Web": groundbreaking multi-angle look behind the scenes

Art gallery

Behind-the-scenes look at the Activision game

Number of discs: 2


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