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Spy Game

Starring: Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Catherine McCormack, Stephen Dillane and Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Directed by: Tony Scott
Rated: R


Yes, girls, Spy Game is a bonifide man flick with all that testosterone spewing manly ho-hum spy gaming, and technical governmental mumbo gumbo bantered about without the comic relief of even one Get Smart reference ( a simple shoe-phone would have been nice), but did you take a peek at the cast?

Yep, Brad "truly scrumptious" Pitt and Robert Redford who's aging- like- a -Spring- potato caught- in- the- windowsill- and -discovered- in- Autumn are the manly stars. The elder chickbabes really dig this man Rob so Spy Game is a multi-generational visual treat perfect for holiday gatherings, thanks to it's high "guy factor" for the beaus and an eyecandy extravaganza for the gals mixed with an intelligent script to boot!

Granted, Spy Game has all the elements of one hellatious snore-fest-o-rama for those not into camouflage, miniature soldiers or world domination via Risk. It's chock full of CIA speak, tricky espionage maneuvers, and dirty-dog double-crossing that, personally, usually lulls me into a coma-like full-on -drool state by the first fifteen minutes of starting. The difference here is the script. It's well written and directed. The actors are so realistic you feel as if you stumbled onto something really big here, and need to check for the exit signs to remind yourself you're still in the comfy theater.

We are introduced to rough and tumble CIA Operative Nathan Muir (Robert "Sundance" Redford) as he's retiring from years of loyal service to his country. He's been given an underling to train as a replacement, Tom Bishop (Brad "Mmmm-mmm-Good "Pitt). Tom is like the equally secretive over achieving son Nathan's never had - kind of...

When things start to go sour for the young spy in training, Nathan has to make an executive decision. Not a Military Tribune, as with our beloved puppet, er , president Bush, but Nathan is going to have to go against his government's wishes...and it's just as dramatic!

It's nice to see Redford in front of the camera again. Granted he's getting a tad puckered and looks a tad like a caricature of himself, but at least he's not visiting the fixer-upper surgeon or the Baths of Baden Baden for some illusion of youth. He's chosen to age as it comes, as dramatic as that may be! Bravo! You get use to it. A Redford rental night is in order to reminisce about his past and present stellar performances.

Bradala is such a tremendous actor. Yes, he's absolutely gorgeous and his picture resides under the definition of n: buff in the Wagner and Frumpton Millennium Edition Encyclopedia, but the wonderful thing about this scrumptious man-quesadilla that's been lightly pan fried with two kinds of Jack cheese and a pinch of salsa drizzled a top his spicy, yet, palatable frame, is his ability to sink into a role till you almost forget it's a manly studmuffin on the screen before you and focus wholly on his acting abilities. That Jennifer gal is a lucky doe, eh?

Spy Game's an exciting, dare I say riveting, shindig. I went in dreading to see yet another man-flick causing a boredom of colossal proportions to engulf me within minutes of the opening credits, instead, I was reminded why folks still talk about Robert Redford, and even got a bit teary watching our generation's talented beau of blonde, Brad, take the reigns. Enjoy!

Snack Recommendation: Freeze dried CIA Field Maneuver Mexi-meal Cakes and a Pepsi.


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