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Do it! Do it!Starsky & Hutch

Starring: Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Snoop Dogg , Juliette Lewis and Will Ferrell
Directed by: Todd Phillips

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Bluntly speaking? Starsky & Hutch is super-sized hilarity - Stiller and Wilson style! The film's riddled with oodles of silly stupid gags, and homage to the original TV show, delivered with campy mayhem by that charismatic duo of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. There wasn't a scene un-seized with their particular formula of tongue-in-cheek charm.

The original 1970' hit show Starksy & Hutch were a pair of macho in-the-times cops that were not afraid to man-hug and chase women. Their sideman Huggy Bear, played here impeccably by Snoop Dogg, always bringing them a solved case - within the 47 minutes allotted in their slot.

Here our story goes…David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson (Ben and Owen) are hot on the trail of a cocaine deal billed as "the Guinness Book entry" of deals. They throw around their weight, get a strong lead, and slowly get to the man.

The drugringleader is a smarmy fancy suited (Perry Ellis suited) lizard named Reese Feldman (Vince Vaughn). When Feldman realizes the guys are on his semi-bellbottomed slacked ass, and after they crash his daughter's Bah Mitzvah as MIMES, he puts out a hit.

Okay lets face it the plot is Commander McObvious as Cop Show 101, like the original show - but it makes no attempt to be an Oscar contender. It's a spoof; a loving gag-on-gag spoof.

The cast makes the otherwise stock-joke script not only watchable but often knee slappingly funny; especially if you knew and liked the original show. Sure, it's funny on its own, but there are extra humor treasures for original fans.

Will Farrell has a small (scene stealing) role as Big Earl. He's a man-loving seamstress that dabbles in the drug trade. When Starsky and Hutch interview him for leads we get one of the films funniest scenes involving Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller indulging "Big Earls" more homosexual side…There's a grand showings of Starsky's volatile temper. Hutches goofy laid-back dude appeal and lots of wildly goofy clothes - that were actually popular in those dark days. Heck, they even have Starsky wearing the infamous wool knit sweater and cap which became one of the signatures of the show. And of course there's the Zebra 3. That white striped tomato red Ford Taurino! A lug of a car billed, again, as a hot-rod! Hehe.

As Reese Feldman, Vince Vaughn is drenched in permeating Aqua-Velva! He oddly, really looks the role of the polyester honcho mustached crime boss. Though, admittedly, even under gold chains and flower print silk dress shirt (with the vest mind you…) his man beauty makes you wanna jump upon him like a rabid Rhesus monkey.

Snoop Dogg was purrfectly pimpy as Huggy Bear - the informant/entrepreneur. This guy's acting career should be watched! He's good.

Juliette Lewis as his "gal on the side" brings bimbo to a new level. What can't this little powerhouse of talent do?

The film works because of Owen and Ben. These two are a great comedy duo. When they show up on film together - even when the film is so-so - their friendly energy is infectious! And Owen looks like a McHottie in the cargo pants and shaggy doo and Ben is adorable as the weepy pouting barrel of machismo, Starsky. Watch for their towel scene - an spoof-o-rama on an actual episode...kinda.

The brief cameo by Paul Michael Glaser (the original Starsky) and David Soul (the original Hutch) is blatant and lets us all know no one is taking all this serious. It's for laughs- lots of them.

Should you spend the dough to see this homage to the disco era from hell? Do it. Do it!

Snack recommendation: Scrapple of sexy and Fondue.

 Buy the DVD! Do it! Do it!

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